Monday, January 23, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Versus Iphone

Betty asks…

What are the characteristics of a person who uses a BlackBerry versus an iPhone?

I'm 28 and I use a BlackBerry. I'm not a corporate America kind of person. I use a BlackBerry (and couldn't think of using an iPhone), and for me it's a matter of preference.

admin answers:

People who use BlackBerrys are more sophisticated, classy and simple. Whereas people who have an iPhone usually get it just to show off.

BlackBerrys rule, iPhones drool. :)

Susan asks…

Blackberry versus iPhone!?

What are pros and cons of iPhone 3g s and the blackberry tour in verizon and which phone should i get. Advantages/disadvantages. Thing you really like, And thing you absolutely hate or cant stand. Thank you!

admin answers:

If you txt a lot buy a blackberry. If you are not technical or don't do well with devices get an iPhone. IPhones are very intuitive.

William asks…

Blackberry versus Iphone touch? phone is dying from being dropped too much.
Which of these phones is better and why??
What worthwhile features do each have??

admin answers:

I phone completely i have pink one and i have sony ericson too but totally i phone

Donald asks…

Whats the Difference between a Person who Uses a Iphone or Android versus a Blackberry User?

What does it say about the persons character? I'm a 29 year old guy, I've been using blackberries for 10 years.. Somtimes I get tempted to get an iphone or android like phone, but I just view them like party phones?

admin answers:

Some people like those little keyboards on the Blackberries. I never owned one. I have an Android and I like it a lot. It's my first web enabled phone. I tend to keep phones for a long time. I had one cell phone for so long (it was one of the first digital phones) that Cingular (now AT&T) sent me a letter telling me they were no longer going to support it. And they had the nerve to tell me to sign a 2 year contract in order to get a new one. I'm no longer a customer.

Paul asks…

Iphone unlocked versus blackberry storm unlocked on Tmobile?

which is better and why on tmobile

admin answers:

My opinion is Unlocked Blackberry Storm..It's best..I am using the Blackberry Storm PDA mobile..It's nice..Internet,Camera,Video all are nice in the mobile..I unlocked the mobile after buy it..I unlocked it in here

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