Sunday, January 15, 2012

Your Questions About Blackberry Bold 9900 T Mobile

Charles asks…

T-Mobile blackberry bold 9900? is it worth it?

Hi, iv been thinking allot about buying a blackberry bold 9900 because it has both a touch screen and a keypad. i want an iphone but t-mobile doesn't carry them and i have a good plan with them. iv never owned a smart phone before is this a good choice? i want something Professional classy and elegant that i can use everyday. also is the price to much for the phone and should i wait to buy it when it goes down of something THANKS!

admin answers:

Yes, it is worth it if you are looking for something professional. This is the first 4G (i.e. Fast internet connection) blackberry and has both touch screen and keypad.
However, if you want something more powerful, more capable and less expensive, get Tmobile's sensation or MyTouch- teenagers are more into these phones which run google's Android software.

Susan asks…

where can i get my T-mobile BlackBerry® Bold (TM) 9900 unlock?

I bought the phone from my friend but its locked to the t-mobile network. I want to be able to use any network provider. I need a trustworthy and reliable site.

admin answers:

You can buy the unlock codes from They are the 'cheapest
unlock code' providers. Last month I did some research
to unlock my nokia c3. It worked like a charm.
The codes were cheap too. They have live online chat support
( a cool male agent :) ) who helped me through all the
process and within minutes, what do you know, I got the unlock code via e-mail.
Incredible service too

Lisa asks…

Blackberry bold 9900 3g and 4g?

Hi! well I'm planning to get a new cellphone for christmas, and I decided to buy the Blackberry Bold 9900. I've heard that only the T-mobile version of Blackberry 9900 is with 4g network, is that true?. And is there any significant difference between getting a 3g or a 4g?.

I want it unlocked, my country does not have T-mobile. I just want to buy the T-mobile version because it's 4g network

admin answers:

The Blackberry Bold 9900 is a GSM device which supported by GSM frequency band. The carriers are running their data services using those bands..

The band will be the same as the phone is made by Blackberry. .
T-Mobile is advertising it as 4G other carriers are advertising it as 3G but you can see that still some Blackberry carriers which go as "3G" works faster then the "4G".

Anyway... The Bold 9900 (or the 9930) has the same GSM radio hardware and the speed will be as the speed your carrier is providing you. T-Mobile it's just a carrier branding for the Bold 9900 device so if you are going to unlock your Bold 9900 the speed will be the one that your carrier will provide you.

Ken asks…

Blackberry Bold 9900 Release Date?

I am really confused as I am thinking of getting the 9900 on O2, but apparently the release date in the UK (where I am) is the 15th September? However, on the O2 website it doesn't say anything that suggests it is a preorder... could someone explain if it is already released or not, thanks.

admin answers:

From what ive read on the carphone warehouse site it 23rd august, they have the prices etc there also. Take a look.

Daniel asks…

T Mobile HTC Sensation or Blackberry Bold?

im thinking of getting a new phone. Currently i have the blackberry bold 9700 and im thinking of changing phones to a HTC Sensation. I Also heard that the new blackberry bold 9900 is coming out next month and it is also a touch screen. I don't know if i should wait for the new bold or get the HTC sensation. Which phone do you think is better?

admin answers:

I know that T Mobile is really pushing to get rid of their phones ,but you do not want to buy one as they will lock you into a contract. As of March 2011, they are merging with ATT and you will be forced to go to ATT or pay an ETF and ATT will not allow TM phones on their network. Thus the phone will be useless. I hope that this helps.

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