Monday, January 2, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Wont Turn On Red Light

William asks…

What does a solid red light mean on my blackberry? it wont turn on but the light is solid?

admin answers:

Really, really low battery. Your phone is dead and needs to be charged.

Helen asks…

my blackberry curve wont turn on, the red light appears whenever i press buttons and occasionally a battery..?

appears with a red cross through it , ive tried everything on the internet and nothing seems to work.Ive read its to do with the battery connection but im not sure. i would be ever so grateful for any solutions ??

admin answers:

Mean the battery is either very dead, or is not making good contact with the contacts in the phone.

Try a different battery and if the new battery works, it's the old battery that is the problem.

Things to try first.

Take the battery out of the phone.

Clean the metal (gold colored contacts on the battery and inside the phone, with a CLEAN pencil eraser.

Replace battery and charge phone for 1 hour (DO NOT CHECK TO SEE IF IT IS WORKING), if phone does start charging, allow to FULLY charge before using phone.

If the above does not work, replace battery with a new one. If new battery does not work it's the phone or the charging port in the phone that is the problem.

Donald asks…

Blackberry Curve 8520 wont turn on (red light)?

i turned it off to save a bit of battery earlier on and it wouldn't turn back on afterwards, ive just stuck it on charge, tried to turn it on, the red light is staying on, but nothing on the screen, wont even turn on. Please help?

admin answers:

The battery is either broken or really dead. Mine did that all the time, just leave it plugged in. Blackberry's are like that. Sometimes for 3+ hours. But I'm certain there is nothing wrong with your phone. If that trick doesn't work, get a new battery(:

Joseph asks…

blackberry curve 8520 wont turn on with no red light?

my bb isnt working and it worked before all of a sudden it wont turn on and theres no red light any suggestions?

admin answers:

Take out the battery to disconnect it, then put it back , sometimes electrical things reset themselves when you do this.

Richard asks…

blackberry curve wont turn on but red light is flashing?

I've had my blackberry curve since November and has proven to be alright up until now.
it has turned off on me before but usually re-boots itself after 5-10mins.
but this morning it had a full battery and then suddenly turned off. i put it onto charge and left it, when i looked at it again it was still dead but the red LED light was flashing.
It has been dead for about 3 hours now.
what can i do? is there any way to restart it?
help needed!
*Alan is the latest software on the computer?
how do i download it?

admin answers:

First take battery out and sim card and leave for 15mins, then replace and see if it re-boots, if not download the blackberry desktop to pc. Then connect your phone to pc with usb lead, when all connected, click on updates on the panel that will come up on your pc screen. Before i forget it will backup your phone, install update then restore data to phone, be patient as this can all take around an hour.

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  1. Same problem but I got a new battery and it still won't turn on? Please help I have gone through so much to get my phone fixed and I would really love my phone back to normal.

  2. wow thanks i just did one of these the one that said clean the gold panels helped so much my sister would have killed me THANK U THANK U THANK U THANK U