Saturday, January 28, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Virgin Mobile Cheap

Joseph asks…

virgin mobile blackberry cheap price somewhere?

okay so virgin mobile came out with a blackberry curve finally an okay phone from this service but the catch is thats its 300 dollars so i was wondering if there is a place you can get it for cheaper and then also does a unlocked blackberry work with virgin mobile? thanks help is much appreciated

admin answers:

Possibly you can get it for cheaper.Check out ubid,overstock, ebay or craigslist for a cheaper device.

Susan asks…

is there a way to get the new blackberry curve for virgin mobile for cheaper?

okay i just have like the old X-tc by virgin mobile and i saw the new blackberry and was going to get it but its 300 dollars is there a way or a place u can get it for cheaper but still be able to use it on the virgin mobile network?? thanks any help is much appreciated...

admin answers:

Try eBay or craig's list. I just got a new Wildcard for $8 on eBay, it's $50 from Virgin Mobile. Just be sure to check the ESN# with Virgin Mobile before you buy, to make sure it's a usable phone.

Mandy asks…

could i jailbreak a blackberry curve, from virgin mobile, and send it to my friend in the philippines?

yeah so i saw a blackberry curve at walmart under virgin mobile and its a hundred bucks which is cheap and there were other cheap cool phones there and i was wondering if i could send it to my friend in the philippines whcih shell insert a filipino phone brand sim card into it. is thgis possible?

admin answers:

Blackberry's aren't in jail, so No. You Jailbreak iPhones. If you mean unlock, yes you can but since Virgin runs on the Sprint network which is CDMA, there phones do not accept SIM cards.

Ruth asks…

Can you switch phones on Virgin Mobile?

I have a cheap Virgin Mobile phone and I want to switch to a Blackberry that I already have. Can I go to the store and get them to put my number on the Blackberry?

admin answers:

Yea I did

James asks…

Virgin Mobile Blackberry Curve?

Hello, I currently have a Droid X Smartphone with Verizon. I'm on my parents plan and I pay about $55 a month for my phone. I'm going to be graduating soon and I'm looking for a much cheaper phone plan per month and I started reading about Virgin Mobile and it sounds like a good deal. I'm interested in getting their Blackberry Curve. Has anyone had any experience with Virgin Mobile and/or this phone?

Thanks in advance for any answers!(:

admin answers:

The curve is a good phone, although we do not know whether you are talking about the 9300 or the older one. But they are almost the same, the do come in slightly different colours, but they're great for people with a lot of friends, readable word, exel etc.

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