Thursday, January 12, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Warranty Repair

Ruth asks…

Where can i repair my blackberry torch 9800 In Abudhabi?

Well i have dammage my blackberry torch, i have stuck a simcard in the sim tray ... It wouldnt go out so i forced it out and some golden thing came out, and now it s not accepting any simcards, it is unlocked, but without a warranty , am i still able to repair it? If so where, So where can i repair my blackberry torch? and try to give an estimate on how much it would cost me to repair it

admin answers:

Try to go to defence road, many shops are there, I would recommend Paris Mobiles, am not sure about the cost.

Betty asks…

How can I send my blackberry in for repairs?

My blackberry curve 8330 has a problem with the backlight going dimmer then it should sometimes after using it for about 30 seconds. What do I have to do about getting it sent in for repairs and how long is the standard blackberry warranty good for?

admin answers:

The standard warranty on most electronic items are one year.
Take it to your cell phone provider they tend to have a repair person or they will send it out for repairs. They can tell you if you are still within warranty or give you a flat repair fee and then once they find the problem call you and let you know what has to be prepared and how much it will cost before they start the repair (if you are out of warranty).

Lisa asks…

blackberry 8520 orange repair?

my usb port fell out of my phone. i still have my years warranty, can they repair it? if so, how much will it cost?

admin answers:

Need to contact provider BB team and explain. If repairable they should do it otherwise yoou may be entitled to a handset replacement. If so back up everything with BB DESKTOP or BB PROTECT.

Maria asks…

blackberry pearl 8100 repair??

hello i recently purchased a blackberry pearl 8100 on ebay for my girlfriend. She put a couple of scratches that are barely noticable but she keeps complaining about it and wont let me do anything until i fix it

. My question is if there is any way I can remove the scratches without buying a new phone?? I dont have insurance or a warranty, I dont have the money to buy another phone. I want to know if there is some sort of repair kit I can buy or a place in the Los Angeles area where I can get scratches removed off the phone. Any homemade suggestions would also do as long as I get these scratches removed.

The scratches are not on the screen but on the top part above the screen and the side of the phone at the top (which is silver on this particularn phone)

admin answers:

Doubt it.
I'd get her a plastic hard case, for the future!

David asks…

Warranty Problem with Blackberry Phones 4 u please help!?

I signed up for a phones for you contract with orange for a blackberry torch, the torch handset itself is simfree so there is no carrier lock or logo.
It is still under warranty and i woke up one morning and the phone wasnt recognising my simcard, i took it into phones for you and they said theyd take it in for repair. I later found out they refused to fix it as apparently i did the damage myself! The phone is in amazing condition i'm very careful with it and the problem it has is it's card reader there is a fault or one of the pins is broken.I've researched this and alot of other blackberry users have had the same fault is there anything I can do? They can't surely just blame me especially if its an internal fault?

admin answers:

Hello there

Our customer services team will be happy to discuss this matter with you.
Please visit our Support Site and speak with one of our Live Chat agents for free. They will be happy to help with this question and any others you may have.



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