Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Curve 9330 Battery

Joseph asks…

Why does my brand new Blackberry Curve 9330 battery only hold it's charge for about 2 hours?

It is only one week old and has never been used before. I'm not understanding why it wont hold its battery. By about 3:00pm it will be dying, when I need it to be charged until the end of the day. I only use it for texting and seldom for phone calls. Any answers for this problem? Thanks!!

admin answers:

Sounds like you have a defective battery or BB. Since it's only a week old, you should be able to return it to the store. This is not normal.

Robert asks…

Does notification from facebook or bbm affect battery life? on blackberry curve 9330?

admin answers:


Linda asks…

i have a verizon blackberry curve 9330?

can a verizon blackberry curve 8330 battery fit in my phone?

admin answers:

Both phones use a 1150 mAh battery so the answer is yes.

Helen asks…

Question for about Blackberry Curve 9330 and Facebook.?

I wanted to know if there is a way for me to put all my contacts from my Facebook onto my Blackberry Curve 9330. I also don't have the Facebook application downloaded, I just use the internet so my battery doesn't run out as fast.

admin answers:

You have to download the application

Paul asks…

Convince me: iPhone 4S or Blackberry Curve 9330?

I currently have a Blackberry Curve 9330 and I have the chance to switch over to an iPhone 4S. Long story short, I can't decide.

I use my phone for e-mail (it's one of my lifelines and a must), texting, and as a camera, but I also carry my iTouch with me where ever I go, for music, apps, etc.

My Blackberry is 2 months old and battery doesn't last me anywhere close to 3/4 of the day (that's without even sending one text! - I've switched the battery twice already) and I need something with good battery life. Not to mention that the phone freezes any time I try to use Twitter or Facebook.

I'm thinking iPhone because of the awesome camera, music, and apps - plus it's my phone and iPod in one. My only reservations are the touch screen (that's easy to get use to), it's e-mail (I've heard mixed feelings), and if it's to fragile - I'm clumsy.

So convince me! Thanks!

admin answers:

The iPhone 4S 100%

I switched from BB to iPhone and am never going back! I had the curve also

iPhone is honestly much better for email than blackberry with the new updates. Blackberry is a bit too... Restricted.

IPhone has the best camera and it's great with texting (if you get over the no-buttons thing...)

If siri isn't enough to convince you... Think about the difference between the Apple app store and the BB app world store. BB isn't even close to the selections that apple has. And there are SO MANY free apps out there! And many paid/full apps go on sale which you can get apps to tellyou when apps are on sale so you can even get paid apps for free on certain days (mainly on black friday and other holidays)

I mainly got the iphone cuz it combined my old ipod touch and phone (BB curve) in one and it's just a LOT easier

Its not as fragile as it seems. I mean it's made of a lot of glass but you should be fine with a case and the screen doesn't scratch so often so you don't really need a screen protector too. My only complaint is that the battery life isn't all that awesome but it does last the whole day depending on if you aren't using up all your phone non stop. There are also many ways to save battery (like dimming the screen backlight and remembering to quit from the apps running in the background).

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