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Questions About Blackberry Bold 9900 Battery Life

Steven asks…

HTC Desire S or Blackberry Bold 9900?

Im 15 year old female looking for a decent phone. I mainly use my phone for texting and social networking and good battery life would be a bonus. I cant decide between the HTC Desire S or the Blackberry Bold 9900. Many teenagers own blackberrys but i wouldnt use bbm. So which is the better phone?

admin answers:

If you got a BlackBerry you should take a look at

Jenny asks…

Blackberry Bold 9900, Is It Worth It?

So I'm Elegible To Upgrade! Whoop! And I've done my research, I REALLY like the bold 9900, (I have a 9300 curve right now) and it's on my tarrif! :D but is there anyway out there that has one and could tell me how it is? Functionality; battery life; looks; reception; etc. Thanks a mill<3

admin answers:

Don't go on contract, unless you have to.

Here is why.

Example, the 9900 from o2.

479.99 + 18x £10.50 (total - £668.99) - 100minutes Unlimited texts.
179.99 + 18x £27 (total - £665.99) - 100minutes 500 texts.


Michael asks…

BlackBerry bold 9900 or iPhone 4S?

The contract on my BB curve 8900 is almost up so it's time to pick a new phone. I'm looking for opinions from people (mostly unbiased, obviously big BB fans will say BB regardless of features and likewise for iPhone users).

The pro's and con's I can think so far are that I really like using BBM, I like having the qwerty keypad and I like that the new bold is both touch screen and qwerty. I could also get a monthly contract cheaper on this phone. However, i've heard a lot of people say the battery life is very poor on this phone.

However, I really like the Siri feature on the new iPhone, it's much faster on the internet and is better for apps and most likely faster than a BB, but I don't like touch screen (thinking i'd get used to it though?).

Any opinions (especially from people who have used both phones or have used BB's and iPhones in general) would be appreciated because i'm really stuck on whats best!

admin answers:

BlackBerry bold 9900 is significantly better as far as brightness and resolution. I would not use the Bold to watch movies or read books with the Kindle app but this is because I don't use Blackberries that way. I could if I wanted to. To me Blackberries are expected to do: email, voice, enterprise integration. Everything else is 'extras' - my employer wouldn't like to see me watch movies, play games or update my Facebook wall on the company 'phone'.

Mark asks…

Htc desire HD, Blackberry bold 9900 or Blackberry Torch 9860?

The rate plans for both with my cell company are relatively the same, however the desire would be 29.99 on a 3 year contract and the BB's would be more like 149 out of pocket. I'm on the fence, right now I'm using a nokia C3 and kinda like the solid keyboarsd (usually touch screens don't work for me; the reason iphone 4/5 not an option), hence the bold being in my choices; however if Swype is all it's cracked up to be I could easily text with the HTC.

So which is better for college student use; ie: ease of texting (swype), apps, fit easily in jeans pocket when needed, battery life.

admin answers:

As it stands, though, the HTC Desire HD is a strong performer out of the box. The display is crisp, clear and – for tasks like browsing, ebook reading and video playback – an expansive pleasure to use, and while the camera may not be the best around, it’s still a tier above what’s now mainstream for Android devices. In fact, the Desire HD’s biggest obstacle may be it’s sheer size; it’s a hefty device, and some will prefer a more pocket-friendly device with a smaller screen. We’d like to see HTC produce a 4-inch model to take on the Galaxy S family, as that’s seems more of a compromise between 3.7-inches and the whopping Desire HD.

Chris asks…

Should I get the Blackberry Bold 9900? ?

Im looking into phones now, particularly in the bb 9900. I text quite alot, browse alot and social network quite a bit and i think i would want a keyboard now. I also dun really play games. I own an Android now, but dont really play games and im sick of the same thing in a new phone, its just no kick anymore so now i want a completely new platform. I heard the bb 9900 hangs quite a bit which is scary and has made me think twice about getting this phone. Games are not really important to me as i have an Android which i can use for games. How is the battery life for this device, like if 3g is on the whole day and replying text and stuff, can it last a day? How is the internet browsing on this device? Is the touchscreen responsive? And most importantly does it hang alot? Those are the questions that are making me think twice about this phone. Should i get this phone and if not what phone would u recommend me? Btw, Im a 15 year old teenager.

admin answers:

The Bold has great things but, unfortunately, in order to make the phone as thin as possible, they sacrificed a couple of things like battery life and camera quality, which really sucks.

Good things about the Bold 9900:
The keyboard is GREAT, writing long emails is a breeze. It feels really comfortable.
Very responsive multi touch screen
The resolution is great: bright, clear, crisp
Faster Web browsing (than in previous BB models)
Records HD video
More memory
New OS7
Loud Speakers
It has 3g, GPS, wifi and bluetooth
Emai and instant message integration. You can configure your email accounts and read all of your emails, text messages and social media messages in one place.

The Negative things:
Battery life SUCKS!!! I had never had a BB phone which such a bad battery life. It won't last a day with heavy use. I've read that updating the Operating system fixes that problem, so i'm going to try that.
The camera doesn't have auto focus and picture quality is okay but not as good as on the previous bold(9780).
Watching Youtube videos can suck too because of buffering time.
It can get really hot
Too expensive!
A lot of people have complained that it has given them A LOT of trouble. I must say I haven't had any problems with mine YET, but a lot of people are complaining about problems like white screens, Call dropping or having to get a replacement because their 9900 died.
About the phone lagging, It may lag if you load it with too many apps but if you want it mostly for texting and social media, it will remain fast.

The Bold 9780 was, in my opinion, a more reliable phone, Memory life was really good and the camera takes very nice pictures. I wish RIm would have just put all of those good things on this phone too.

I suggest you check out the forums about the Bold 9900 and check what everybody is saying before you decide to buy one.

Hope this helps!

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