Saturday, January 14, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Verizon Software

Lizzie asks…

How do I download ringtones off of the Verizon ringtone software onto my blackberry?

Ok so im have a Verizon blackberry and on my last Verizon phone I downloaded some kind of Verizon thing that let me download ringtones to my phone off of it. I don't know how to download ringtones to my blackberry now. That was kind of confusing...sorry but its the best I could explain it lol

admin answers:


use this site to make any ringtone you want.
It works for most verizon phones and its free
and i know it works for blackberry phones because it works on my verizon blackberry

John asks…

If I were to purchase a World Eddition Blackberry, would verizon be able to update the software?

My two year deal is up and its time to pick a phone. I have a curve right now. I really love blackberries, but the new Tour is too small. The World Edition, the one the Tour replaced, is nice and big. If I were to purchase the world Edition, would it be completely obsolete, or could verizon update the software and stuff?

admin answers:

You can update the software yourself, in fact all you need to do is wait for it to connect to the network, it will detect an out of date operating system, and will update itself.

Laura asks…

What desktop pc software should i download to accompany my verizon blackberry curve?

There's quite a few different options on blackberry's website and i'm not sure which one i need.

admin answers:

Try an application that syncs all your music, video and photos to your Blackberry. DoubleTwist automatically does any conversion and formatting necessary so you don't have to do anything but enjoy the music. It works on Win and Mac. For more info:

Paul asks…

If I go to Verizon will they put Blackberry software v 5.0 on my 8330?

Thank you!
The phone will not connect to my computer and I can't figure it out myself.

admin answers:

OS 5 is not available for the 8330.

To get your computer to recognize your 8330 do this:

Options icon - Media Card

Media Card Support: On

Mass Storage Mode Support: On

Auto Enable Mass Storage Mode When Connected: Yes or Prompt

Press the Menu key and select Save

Try connecting again.

Steven asks…

When can i get Blackberry software v5.0 for my Blackberry?

I have the recently released Blackberry Tour for Verizon Wireless and I was wondering when the new Blackberry software v5.0 would be available to download to my device. Is there a way to go through Verizon to get it? I checked my desktop software and the Blackberry website for it but they don't have the option to update it. The software, if you don't know it by name, is the one on the brand new Bold. Thanks for any help!!

admin answers:

It hasn't been officially released for the Tour. It looks like it should be soon though.

EDIT: is a leaked version and is NOT supported.

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