Saturday, January 28, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Tablet Os

Joseph asks…

What is your favorite tablet OS?

iOS, Android 3.0, webOS, or the Blackberry tablet one?

admin answers:

Android of course!!

Michael asks…

Is there a way i can regain access to my Youtube account?

Hello all, is there a way i can regain access to my Youtube account?
the problem is, is i cant get into my youtube account. i never have
the right password to get in. I keep all my password in a password
database program, and always change the passwords to mach the
new password on a website i might change it on. And yes, i have my
flash player, Windows 7, Mac OS, Blackberry Tablet OS, and all used
web browser all up to date. after i change the password, i STILL cant
get in. And when i do manage to get in, all the links on the page dont
work. i cant upload any videos.
And i know all you google users are gonna tell me that there's nothing
wrong. its my computer's fault. im a retard and can remember my own
password. every one else i've asked has told me that, so can someone
just get over the google pride and tell me whats up with my youtube account??


admin answers:

Well click the forgot password link. It will send a link to verify you password etc. For gmail/google accounts you had to have given a alt email in case you forgot your password or a security question.... This sounds like a weird problem though.... You might just have to make a new one.... Hope this helped

George asks…

Should I get a HTC Flyer or Blackberry Playbook?

I have been looking at tablets and I have narrowed my choices down to the HTC Flyer and the Blackberry Playbook. I like how the HTC runs android and the android market has more apps and it has a 1.5 gigahertz processor but it is not dual core and HTC doesn't state the ram it has so it is probably under 1gb. The Blackberry Playbook is running the Blackberry OS which has less apps although it will soon be merging with the android market and it has 1gb of ram and a 1 gigahertz dual core processor. I would prefer to have an expandable memory optition and only the HTC has it not the Blackberry. I NEED HELP DECIDING!!!

admin answers:

Hi.Since the Flyer is android based, I would highly recommend that.I think you'll get more features & your money's worth on that

Paul asks…

What is the best non-iPad tablet?

I have spent many days waiting impatiently for the HP TouchPad only to find out that it was not all it was cracked up to be. Now I have this small predicament of where to go now. I like webOS and BlackBerry QNX's card UI, the apps of Android and iOS, but here comes the problem:
-The TouchPad is heavy and inefficient with battery life
-The PlayBook is tiny and only supports 4 fingers
-iOS is a platform for apps, not an OS(meaning it can't multitask, has no desktop, etc.)
-Android 3.1 is an mystery to me
So, I am left wondering what tablet will suit me best. Any suggestions?

admin answers:

I had a blackberry playbook and I loved it. It works great, and is better than an Ipad in my opinion. Though, I returned it because there were a lot of technical difficulties with it. The first one had a dead pixel and the second had a dead pixel and battery malfunction. Though, I had it at launch so you shouldn't worry about it.

David asks…

blackberry playbook, nook color, or kindle fire?

for christmas i dont know id i should ask for the blackberry playbook nook color or the kindle fire. I want to be able to get books from the library and read it on the device, but i already have a kobo so I know how to do that. The main question is which one is the best? i like the playbook because its fast i like the os and it has a camera. i dont like that it doesnt have much apps. i like the nook color because it has a more app selection and i know that i can get books from the library on it. i dont like that it's not that fast. the kindle fire looks awesome but i dont know many people that have it and i am not sure how many apps it holds. if there are any tablets that are better than these and are under $250 plz tell me otherwise tell me which one is the best out of all of these. thanks :)

admin answers:

If you are slightly knowledgeable about tech and Android, or if you are patient, learn well, and can use Google, get the Nook Color. Install Cyanogenmod 7 (a custom Android ROM) on it, and it becomes a full-fledged Android tablet, capable of running pretty much all of the Android Apps.

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