Monday, January 9, 2012

Questions About Blackberry World Edition

Michael asks…

blackberry world edition a good phone?

i really want a blackberry, i'm still in highschool but i really love the look of blackberrys and im planning on getting one. But which is better, the world edition, or the curve? the curve is bigger. but im not sure which one would be better. Also, is it weird for someone to get a blackberry without being a "buisness person"? i just want it as my phone, and i'll use the internet and everything but just not for buisness. But can i still use it to text and do regular things as well?

admin answers:

Definately get the curve. The 8830 is really behind the curve in features. Plus if your not planning to go to europe, you dont need the world.

Mandy asks…

How do I watch youtube on my blackberry world edition?

I just bought my first blackberry and I have no idea how it all works. I was wondering if there was a way to watch videos from youtube. Whenever I try it an error message appears. If its impossible to play them does anyone know where else I could download or watch videos?

admin answers:

Dont think it will work because of the video file sizes, try


Betty asks…

Can I get a game for my Blackberry World Edition besides brickbreaker?

I have the Blackberry 8830, from Verizon, and bored of brickbreaker. Is there anyway to get a good game for free on there somehow?

admin answers:

There is a free gamed called BBTetris that you can install. It is pretty fun. You can search for it on Yahoo! Or Google. You can also check out and to see if there are any other free games.

Laura asks…

Does the Blackberry 8830 world edition come with Documents to Go?

Does the blackberry 8830 world edition come with documents to go?

admin answers:

No, however you can view documents that have been emailed to you. The new Blackberry OS will allow you to edit them if you upgrade your phones operating system. If you need documents to go you can download it from

good luck!

Nancy asks…

Is there a sim card I can get to use my blackberry World edition 8830 abroad?

I am traveling to Madrid for the summer and I would like to be able to use my blackberry to contact my parents, friends, etc., basically be able to use it in the same way I use it here in the states. I've heard about a simcard that allows you to use the same features (calls, internet, texts, bbm) but with a European phone number. Does anyone know where I could get this simcard and how much it costs?

admin answers:

Yeah go on to and they have them cheaper than the stores.

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