Thursday, January 12, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Bold 9700

Steven asks…

Does the Blackberry bold 9700 case fits blackberry torch?

I have the blackberry bold 9700 and I'm gonna be getting the blackberry torch will the bold cases fit the torch. I know that if it does I won't be able to use the slidding keyboard. I just don't want to have to buy a new case and I was only planning on useing the touch keyboard so it doesnt matter if I can't use the other one. Thank la for your help.

admin answers:

The torch has a different shape, so it won't fit.

Laura asks…

How to use my Blackberry Bold 9700 as a modem for my laptop?

Im going away for the week on Monday and it would be good if i could take my laptop away with me and be able to connect to the net!
I have a blackberry bold 9700 unlimited internet on orange and ive heard you can use it as a dongle?

Very appreciated if anyone can help me!!!!

admin answers:

Look at this article, and don't forget to skim through comments if you run into trouble.


Robert asks…

Does blackberry bold 9700 produce a lot of radiation?

I've heard that people say RIM will protect us from the radiation produce by the blackberry bold 9700. Also, does any other blackberry case protect us from the radiation or only RIM protects us?
When the blackberry is 'sleeping' (not turn off but not using so the screen turns black), does it produce radiation? When it's off(turned off) does it also produce radiation?

admin answers:

The radiation you get from a device is nothing compare to what you get from mobile antennas around you.

You won't get harm by a device - just don't keep it near your head when you sleep and put it in your bag instead of your pocket while caring it.

Thomas asks…

I have a Blackberry Bold 9700 and I do not want a data plan on it should I unlock it and put a different sim?

Today I tried my moms phone sim in my Blackberry Bold 9700 that I purchased without a plan and AT&T added the data plan to her line. How can I avoid a data plan in my Blackberry?

admin answers:

Yes you can get code & then after unlocking you can use any sim.
This site will help you a lot

Paul asks…

How to change from english to spanish the settings of a blackberry bold 9700?

I bought an at&t blackberry bold 9700 and everything comes in english, but I prefer to have it in spanish. How do I change the language?

admin answers:

Find options and find languages and change it

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