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Questions About Blackberry Curve 8530 Battery Life

Carol asks…

verizon blackberry battery life?!?!?!?

i recently bought a blackberry curve 8530. i didnt charge it as soon as i got it. im a very avid texter and my battery barely lasts a day. is this normal? should i go to the verizon store and exchange it for a new one?

admin answers:

Nah normal, if your texting it a lot and using internet itll go down quickk dont worry

Maria asks…

I want to get the blackberry curve 8530.. what do you know about it?

I want to get the blackberry curve 8530 in smoky violet.. i currently have the enV touch, which is going to my little brother, and i am getting a new phone.. i kind of broke my enV touch in walmart.. ish.. i dropped it.. i hated it anyways.. the battery life was terrible, it would ALWAYS FREEZE, it would randomly turn itself on and off, it was slow, it didnt have much memory, and so on. I also had trouble with the motorola rival.. it seems everyone has, but still.. flippy interesting phones that do cool things are apparently not for me.. so i've picked something more.... sturdy. lol

so here are some things i want to know about the blackberry before i get it:

- how is the battery life?
- any functioning problems?
- how confusing is it?
- is it free with a 2 yr family plan contract?

i was about to google it.. and the verizon star ratings didnt exactly seem reliable.. but my computer is too slow for google.. so i will ask everyonexD

okk, thank youuuu!!!

oh, one more.. is it sturdy like i think it will be?
AND!!! i'm with verizon.. idk if that changes anything though?

admin answers:

As a general rule blackberry's are quite sturdy and won't break easy if you drop it. Battery life is good so long as your not on the internet 24/7. It's not too confusing, if you can figure out how to work an iTouch or iPhone then you can definitely work a BB. As far as the two yr contract, you need to visit your local store and ask them if they have any deals with free phones. Hoped I helped ;)

Donna asks…

Blackberry Curve 8530 help! Please!?

Ok so i just go the Blackberry Curve 8530 from Sprint & i love it but I was just wondering is there anyway to set it in roaming mode for when i don't have Sprint service? Because roaming is included on my plan & when im at home I don't get service unless my phone is in roaming mode. Also,where can i download the app killer for my Blackberry? Because all these apps on the phone that i don't use drain my battery life sooo fast & i wanna get rid of them. I was told to download the app killer but i cant find it. Thanks!!

admin answers:

Your phone should go in to roaming mode automatically

Just having apps on your phone doesn't have any effect on battery life, apps running in the background do.

Press the Alt key and the back key at the same time to see what is running

Close any app that you are not using

BBM, Browser, Home, Call Log and Messages will always be running and can't be ended

Susan asks…

what is the difference between BlackBerry Curve 9300 and 8530?

is it just memory the camera and battery life?
i have been looking at Blackberrys for the last week and i keep finding all these different models and i have singled it down to theses 2. so what is the difference? which is better if i just want it for texting music and internet?

admin answers:

The 8530 is a CDMA device (Sprint, Verizon etc)

The 9300 is a GSM device (AT&T, T-Mobile etc)

Other than that the specs are nearly identical.

Both has 256 MB of device memory

Both have a 2 MP camera without flash

Both have a 320x240 display

Both have 3G, Wi-Fi and GPS support

Linda asks…

Blackberry Curve 8530 or Bold 9650?

Hey guys, I'm looking for some advice from Blackberry owners. As you can see, I'm trying to decide which phone to get because I'm long overdue for an upgrade. My dad has the Curve and is happy with it (though he doesn't really use the web browsing feature). I've heard that battery life is about the same for these 2 phones. But the Bold is a little newer, I think? so I would think it might be a little better just because of that (although newer doesn't always equal better). I can get the Curve for 20 bucks and the Bold for 100, and I'm leaning towards the Bold because I know the Curve has been out for awhile and even though I'm not really a techno-gadget enthusiast (I've had my Razr for 3 years and it's finally breaking down on me), I'd rather get something newer that's not going to be out of date in 2 weeks. Though that might happen anyway haha. But seriously, can people who have these phones let me know what you think of them, and what you would recommend? I'm a college student so I mostly just want to text and call (though I make most longer phone calls at night, when I can plug the phone in or immediately recharge it, so I'm not too worried about draining the battery during the day) and I may briefly check the Internet during the day, in between classes or something, but I won't be spending a huge amount of time on the web browser. So let me know what you think as far as battery life, do you like texting on it, etc. I appreciate the input, thanks in advance :)

admin answers:

I have a tour (the bold 9650 was called the tour 2 for the longest time) and I LOVE IT!!!!
It KILLS the iphone and curve. All of my freinds want it SOOO bad.

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