Sunday, January 22, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Os 7 Download

Robert asks…

Fatal error downloading new Blackberry OS on my Storm?

I currently have version and I am trying to download the new 5.0 version, but it keeps saying that a fatal error has occured, please try again. I've tried this 3 or 4 different times and it keeps doing the same thing. What can I do to fix this.

Any help is gratly appreciated.

admin answers:

See if you installing it correctly:

Thomas asks…

Blackberry OS?? Help??

So, In October I downloaded OS 5.0 and I love it and all but I can't stand the SMS threading, the "emoticons" are really annoying and ever since then I've been trying to go back to OS 4.7.99? I can't find it any where. Between BB site and Verizons they make it IMPOSSIBLE.

** I have Blackberry Storm 9530 (The original Storm)
If you find it, Ill give you MAX points. Just have to make sure I can download it and you have to tell me how to give you the MAX points for answering?

admin answers:

You can down grade your os....... But with the original storm, it isnt a verry good idea. The last os for the storm was only slightly better than the original os that came on the device. If you have any problems with the device, then vzw will only tell you to upgrade.

All that aside, go to and search around a bit. You should be able to find it there.

Ken asks…

blackberry curve wont update?

i have a blackberry curve 8310 and want to update to the 4.5 os, i have downloaded the 4.7 desktop manager which i believe is the newest version, when it trys to update my phone it just says you are running the newest version available, but its not i am running the 4.3 WTF

admin answers:

Hello there,

If you are a former Suncom customer there will be no further software updates for your device via TMobile.

If that is not the case could you please tell me what your wireless carrier is?

You may have downloaded the wrong software for your device, and your best bet is to use internet explorer and visit the following website to perform the update directly from the BlackBerry Website.


Hope that helps!

- Horton

Michael asks…

Blackberry Storm Screen black, Need help!?

I have my BB about 7 months now and I only recently started to install themes and and apps and stuff, Anyway the other day I was charging it and it was fine, about a half hour later It was still charging but the screen was black, just wouldnt turn on. Its been almost a week and my phone screen is still black. The backlight works, the LED works, The sound works, And i can recieve texts and emails and calls, just I cant read any of them because of the screen, But the weirdest thing is that the other day I got a phone call and the screen kept turning on and off. then it stayed off again, I honestly do NOT think the screen is broken. Anyway,my Blackberry Desktop and my Device are both updated and I deleted almost all the apps I but on the phone, Except Facebook and Youtube which I didnt downloa they just came with the phone, But still nothing. I must add that I bought this phone on unlocked so I dont have any warrenty to bring it to get fixed. Does anyone know a solution? An OS I can download or maybe a Restore to Factory settings option? Thank a million :)

admin answers:

Hi.Try taking the battery out of the phone for awhile & sim card (if you have one). Then see if phone works. If it does not you can call warranty exchange to see if you are qualified to do warranty exchange.

Donald asks…

Blackberry Storm update on mac help?

Is there any way that i can get the new unofficial software that i downloaded from (v on to my blackberry storm (9350) by using a mac? (OS X)

admin answers:

The problem is that the mac version of blackberry sync does not support upgrading firmware yet, the only way you can do it is over the air when an official firmware comes out. If I were you I would go out and buy a 100 dollar copy of xp and use bootcamp (free on the mac) to sync it (Windows 7 does not work, I do not know about Vista) (Worth it anyway). And No I am not some 12 year old kid telling you that you cannot do it, I have researched on google and tried some hacking but none seems to work. Good luck though

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