Thursday, January 12, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Bold 9650 Battery

Sandy asks…

How can I fix my blackberry battery problem?

So I have a blackberry 9650 bold and I just got it about 2 months ago new of course. I've noticed recently about( last Saturday) that the battery had been draining extremely fast. I've tried to turn off the wifi and mobile network but it still drains in a few hours. I haven't yet considered a new battery since it was new . And I don't have any apps running out of the norm. Ok thanks!

admin answers:

Your welcome

Thomas asks…

blackberry bold 9650 or htc hero?

I had a blackberry curve for a year and came to sprint and got an htc hero but I dont really like the battery life and the touch screen typing is not my thing. I do however like the music player on it and the web browsing experience is amazing but the email display really sucks, all i get is the html coding and links. I do know that blackberry battery life is amazing compared to androids.

admin answers:

HTC Hero is a better phone.

Its not the highest spec'd phone that runs android but it runs android 2.1.

John asks…

blackberry bold 9650 help?

iv had my blackberry bold for a lil over a year. everything was fine until i turned it off for the fisr time in a while. i think it updated itself or something because now its really slow, and ever since then no matter how long i charge it the batteryy is dead by noon-2pm. i thought maybe it was my battery so i went on amazon and bought a brand new blackberrry bold battery and it doesnt make a difference. its still dying like crazy around the same time. someone said to me today that it miht not be the battery, but the phone itself.. i dont know whats going on but i need some help and answers. has this happned to anyone else? i have dropped it a few times but not enough to cause any serious damage. i take care of my phone so idky this is happening. hellppp. what should i do?

admin answers:

I can only think to check all apps are closed, best to click on each one, then press menu and select close, rather than just pressing the back key. And maybe install an anti virus, go to on your phone and download the free mylookout anti virus.

Michael asks…

Will Verizon sell me a new/extended battery for my blackberry?

My Blackberry Bold 9650 device works fine. I used to charge my battery overnight and then my phone would work for a good 6-9 hours. Now lately, my battery will only last 3 and I find myself having to charge it 2 to 4 times a day for 45 minutes. Will they give me a new battery?

admin answers:

They'll sell you one.

You might get a better deal at Amazon.

Robert asks…

HTC Evo or the Blackberry bold 9650 on Sprint?

I can get a new phone but i'm not sure which one to go with between these two. I like the idea of the Evo but heard that the battery life is terrible but i don't personally know anybody who has one. And with the blackberrry it seems like everyone likes BBM. Any opinions are greatly appreciated.

admin answers:

The battery life is great if you know how to set it. If you download a task manager and set all of your apps to auto-kill your battery can last for a great while. I also keep my internet off when I'm not using it and my brightness all the way down. There are also apps like KIK or LiveProfile that you can download which are just BBM and you can use it on Blackberries, Androids, and iPhones. I have never liked Blackberries. My brother was going through the same thing he didn't know if he should get a new Blackberry or an Evo and I convinced him to get the Evo. He has had nothing but Blackberries for a long time and he's glad he switched!

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