Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Tour Cases

Susan asks…

Where to find cute blackberry tour cases for a teen girl?

admin answers:

Ebay and amazon has good ones for inexpensive prices

Ken asks…

Do blackberry tour phone cases fit the blackberry bold as well?

admin answers:

Yes it does. They are the exact same height and width but the 9650 is .01" thinner.


Thomas asks…

Blackberry Tour phone cases?

Where can i find them? I went to one verizon store and they only had boring leather ones. I'm a girl so obviouslyi don' want any black or dull colored ones. I also went to fred meyer but they don't have my model.
Any help is greatt thanks!

admin answers:

Amazon has a wide selection (and the cheapest selection);

for example, the pink rubber casing for the Tour at the Verizon store cost 10 bucks, compared to the single cent price at Amazon (+3-5 dollars shipping and handling of course); but either way, Amazon is the better deal.


Nancy asks…

where can i buy a case for my blackberry tour?

i have a blackberry tour 9630 and i want a case for it but i cant seem to find them anywhere? what stores could i find one at ??

admin answers:


9650 cases fit the 9630

Maria asks…

Looking for specific blackberry tour case?

Hey everyone,
I have a newly purchased Blackberry Tour (9630)
and I saw a girl the other night with a super cute silicone gel skin!
It was bright orange and it had the blackberry logo going down the back, I asked her about it and she said she bought it from ebay and that it came in a pack of 4 or 5.
I know that they are brightly colored and I totally am in love with them.
I need help finding them, if anyone can help me out, that would be great.
And I love the fact that the blackberry logo was "Etched" into the back of the skin, that was an awesome plus!

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

P.S. she said she got the pack of i think it was either 4 or 5 skins for like $1.00 plus $3.00 or $4.00 for shipping and handling, she also said it was an actual store on ebay... i am pretty ebay challenged, so any help would be great. Thanks so much again!

admin answers:

Here is 6 for $5.99 shipped:


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