Thursday, January 5, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Os 7

Steven asks…

Can I upgrade my blackberry torch from os 6 to os 7?

I have a blackberry torch 9800 that runs on blackberry 6, can it be upgraded to the new blackberry 7?

admin answers:

You can't! Rim said that os6 devices can't be upgraded to os7.

Joseph asks…

ks it true that for blackberry os 7 its going to be all touchscreen ?

i wanna get the bold 9780 but the guy at best buy said that when os 7 comes out i wont be able to use my bold

admin answers:

First off, the guy you spoke to is an idiot. Pre OS 6 blackberry's are still functional. I've seen some of the first launch in still working order. I think they're obsolete and something that a cave man would be comfortable with....
Secondly, the 9780 is a great phone. Faster than it's predecessors, and soooo much better. The next launch of the bold is supposed to be around July/August. It is NOT going to be touchscreen. It will be wider, like the 9000, but thinner.
However, most of the other 2011 RIM launches are going to be touchscreen. There will be a second Torch, Storm 3, and Curve touch (to name a few).
Hope this helps...

Ruth asks…

Does anybody have any links to download blackberry os 7 for a blackberry bold 9780?

admin answers:

OS 7 will not be released for any BBs prior to the Bold 99XX.

Linda asks…

Is Blackberry OS 7 upgradable on all Blackberry devices?

Specifically, is the OS7 upgradable on the Blackberry Curve 3G (9300)?

admin answers:

OS 7 is not available for the 9300.

Laura asks…

i have have heard a bit about blackberry os 7?

what about os 6.1 are there any phones upgradable to it is it a patch

admin answers:

BlackBerry OS 7 will launch with the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and Bold 9930 devices (a.k.a. The Bold Touches) and Berries that came before those two won’t be updated to v7 of the OS, not even the ones running version 6.BlackBerry OS 7 incorporates BlackBerry Balance, which keeps personal and corporate data on the same device separate. It can be configured to, say, only wipe the corporate data on the phone or to forbid personal apps to access corporate files (e.g. You can’t attach a corporate file to a personal email). For more information visit

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