Monday, January 23, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Os Update 9700

Donna asks…

blackberry bold 9700 update questions?

I have a rogers blackberry bold 9700 running os 5.0.321.Ive had it unlocked to work on bell and now i was looking to update it because i have never bothered updating it. How should I update it? Any help appreciated

admin answers:

I would definitely say download BlackBerry Desktop Manager so you can back up all your files before you update it. When you download this, it'll tell you what updates are available and it'll update your phone for you itself. You just need the USB cord, connect it to your computer, download the Desktop Manager, back up your files just incase, and it does the rest for you.

If you have any other questions just email me.

Betty asks…

Why won't my Blackberry update?

I have the Bold 9700. I plug it up to the Blackberry desktop manager and it says I have alot of uprates including the os 6 update. So I continue and get to step 6 and it says a fatal error has occurred. And then it knocks my phone off of the AT&T network. What is going on? I've tried redoing it but it does the same thing. Help Please?

admin answers:

Seems to me, you got something illegal on your phone, or you have a bad application running.

Ken asks…

Has blackberry OS6 offically launched in India?

i want to update my blackberry pearl 9105 and Bold 9700 OS5 to OS6
my country is INDIA
i don't want to go for the leaked version
when every i try ot update my OS it says UPDATE NOT AVAIBLE....but in other countries it has launched


admin answers:

Yes os6 has been officially launched. No need you have to update just with indian os. Bb is independent of countries. Logon to the best indian bb website and follow os update page and list out your needed os and follow installation guide

Sharon asks…

question about an unlocke blackberry bold 9700?

Will I be able to update the software if the phone is unlocked??? I don't want to be in a situation where I can upgrade it but it locks the phone. lol
I was also wondering if you needed to be running on a certain OS to get a higher microSD card. And is 2gb to small???
Thnx for taking the time to answer : )

admin answers:

You can get the Unlock code at and Unlock it from Network Lock.,

Steven asks…

My touch 3g slide (black) or BlackBerry Bold 9700?

I currently have a T-Mobile G1 (White). My mom is letting me pick any phone I want, But there is so many options. I want to stick to Androids OS platform because I am already used to the way these phones work, the only thing that I have heard bad, was that the Google 3.0 Gingerbread Update rumor knocks My Touch 3g slide out of the Google Update Cycle. Another thing, the Slide has is the MyModes, And The Wireless Tethering I've heard might be updated to the Slide. But then I've played with my friends blackberries, and I love the sleek presentation it gives off. I am not to familiar what BlackBerry's have to offer, But I need some Mytouch 3g Slide users and Blackberry bold 9700 users to Comment and Help me decide. I got 3 days to choose. HELP!!!

admin answers:

I went from G1 to BlackBerry 8900 and thought I'd miss everything Android had to offer, but I got over it fast. Unless you simply cannot live without all those apps available to Android, then I say go with the 9700 and avoid all those problems you mentioned for the new MyTouch. You can always go back to your G1 if you decide you need Android (or if it's within 14 days, just return it and get the MyTouch).

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