Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Bold 9900 Vs Iphone 4

Mark asks…

BlackBerry Bold 9900 vs iPhone 4?

I currently have the iPhone 4, but now with the release of the BB Bold 9900, I am thinking of switching to that. Should I, or should I keep my iPhone? Please do not suggest any other phones to me!!!

admin answers:

Blackberry's are going down in popularity so future support is a real question. I would not even consider one.

Sandra asks…

Blackberry bold 9900 vs IPhone 4?

Which one should I get? My contract just ended and it's time to get a new phone. I'm not planning on waiting for the iPhone 5. I already have and iPod touch, but it's really old.. *the 2nd gen* it still works but.. I've heard of a lot of problems with blackberrys not sending messages or bbm.. Please tell me which one I should get.
No biases please.

admin answers:

It really depends on what you want out of the phone. In my opinion the IPhone 4 is hands down the best phone for multimedia out there. Great for music, videos (facetime!), pictures and apps galore(to many apps to count). While the Blackberry is the most secure and business friendly phone on the market. It has the best QWERTY keyboard ever put on a phone and the best email interface period. So if your always taking pictures, listening to music, playing games, or just overall really into mainstream stuff, then the I Phone is for you. If your into security, productivity, real keyboards or just a borderline compulsive email checker then Blackberry may be the right one for you.

Mary asks…

pros and cons of BlackBerry bold 9900 vs iPhone 4?

admin answers:

Here's a review of a Iphone

Here's a review of a Blackberry

Donna asks…

iPhone 4 vs. BlackBerry Bold 9900?

admin answers:

Definitely iPhone 4 but I would suggest you to wait till next month, iPhone 5 is coming !!

William asks…

IPhone 4 vs I Phone 4s vs Blackberry Bold 9900?

i want a phone that's good for web browsing games and movies/ tv shows i know that the iphone is great for Gaming but i don't know if i want to get a 4s when a 5 is coming out soon

admin answers:

To be completely honest, you should either wait for the 5 to come out or just buy the 4. I am speaking from experience when I say that you will not like it, if web browsing and movies and TV shows are your main concerns.

In the case of blackberry, you cannot access the app store without a data plan (EVEN if you have WIFI), it does not allow for much customization, sites with a lot of content seem to load slower in comparison to the iphone, the screen is small (allowing less room for watching videos).

The iphone on the other hand while having it's share of cons is better suited for your needs. The screen is bigger, you can jailbreak it(if it's your cup of tea), you can use wifi to access the app store, web pages load on par to computer browsers, comes preloaded with youtube, very easy interface and comes with built in hard drive. While it might take time to convert your videos and TV shows to be view-able on your iphone (unless you plan to buy), it's still easy as you can also download an app that does the work for you through itunes.

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