Monday, January 2, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Os Update Tmobile

Carol asks…

i upgraded to 4.5 os on my tmobile blackberry curve and i had major problems. ?

my question is, after i updated my files, i'm missing my text message/multimedia message icon. how do i get it back?

admin answers:

If you downloaded a beta then that is the problem. Google orange uk blackberry 8320 os 4.5 and get a real os. I have no issues.

Donald asks…

where can i get the new version software for the blackberry curve ?

where can i get the new version software 4.5 OS for the blackberry curve 8320 for tmobile?is it even out yet?if not when will it be released?where can i get the software update thanks.

admin answers:

There is a 4.5 operating system (OS) out for the 8320 model, but T-Mobile hasn't released one. It doesn't really matter, though, because you can install any wireless carrier's OS on your 8320 as long as it is made for the 8320.

There is a 4.5 OS for the 8320 here:

Laura asks…

Im having problems with my Blackberry pearl?

None of the Internet applications on my blackberry pearl are working, such as the GPS, yahoo go(package), gmail, facebook, or google maps (I already have internet and it works). My OS is alread updated and im running a v4.2.1.107 (platform My blackberry is new (a week old) and its tmobile.

For facebook it says "there was a problem contacting facebook.
For google maps it never finishes loading on startup.
For Google mail it never finishes loading as well.
For GPS do i have 2 buy something to work it.
o and all my browser settings are set to default. Thanx in advance

admin answers:

You should try refreshing your service books or backing up your device to your computer and doing a handheld wipe. Have you tried contacting TMobile tech support?

Donna asks…

Blackberry troubles...?

My Blackberry curve 8330 has just deleted all of my contacts. Luckily they're still saved on my computer (I have a Macbook with OS 10.4.11), and so I just tried to sync all of my contacts back onto my phone and it won't let me (a warning keeps coming up that says "skipping"). I tried to enter them all by hand, but it won't save any that I've entered by hand either. I've been needing to do a software update for a while now and haven't been able to because you can't on a mac (I keep meaning to borrow one of my friend's PC's but haven't gotten around to it). Do I just need to update the software for this problem to go away or is there something else I can do? I just did a battery pull and am going to see if that gets me anywhere. And my carrier is TMobile, if that makes a difference. Thanks!
And now it won't sync. It comes in and out of syncing, although it charges with the wall charger just fine, so I think it's the USB cable that's having issues.

admin answers:

I say update the BB's operating system to OS 4.5 and make sure you download the latest mac sync software:

Betty asks…

I want to cancel my contract with tmobile.. But no ETF!?

Honestly, this phone is giving me a heart attack.

The service where I live is very good. Verizon phones have it. AT&T phones have it. Any type of phone carrier- has it. Except my phone. Because I constantly lose service, even in my own home.

They discontinued my phone, to make room for all the newer blackberries coming in. That way, there are no available updates for my phone. So whatever glitches I have on my phone-- well, most of them being solved by downloading a NEW OS-- WHICH TMO DOESN'T GIVE OUT FOR DOWNLOADING CONSIDERING THEY DISCONTINUED MY 8900, I can't fix. I live with a shitty blackberry, go figure. I don't want to download a "leaked" one, because I'm afraid I might brick it. And then pay 300 for a new 8900 because the warranty sticker fell off the back of my bb because my back cover fell off.

The quality of my phone is garbage. My boyfriend has the 9700 which came out way after mine did. His was made in Canada, and has admirable quality. Whereas mine was made in Mexico-- and is completely plastic.

The bills too! We never had a bill that ever stayed consistent. Basically my dad and I have the unlimited plan which is about 99.95, but he doesn't have texting or internet enabled on his BB like I do. The internet for my BB is about 34.95. That's pretty much what it should come out to, nearly 135. "Taxes" brings it up to 180. Or some days 320. Or other days 520.

Not to mention, I was in Europe the other month. And I requested for them to send me my code to unlock my phone. I'm back in the US, and I still haven't gotten it. I really needed a phone to work back then so it was important that I called for that code. She said she would take it up to the guys at the "sim department" and yet I NEVER got an email saying so.

Do you think these are somewhat valid reasons for me to cancel it. I'm a tad bit frustrated at the moment so excuse my "venting". But my dad has been dying to cancel this contract. And so am I. We want to switch from TMO to AT&T. Without the early termination fee.

Any suggestions?

admin answers:

Nope, you wont be able to do it. The only reason that they would allow it would be if they couldnt provide you with service where you live. But as you said, your service is very good. You agreed to the ETF when you signed the contract- that's how it works..

PS. I would NOT choose ATT as the company I'd switch to.. Horrible network...

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