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Questions About Blackberry Vs Iphone 5

Thomas asks…

Blackberry bold vs. iPhone 5?

It's new for me to get a new phone but I'm torn between whichnone to get. The only reason i am considering getting the blackberry's because all my friends have bbm! I already have a iPod but inlove it so much I want the iPhone as well... If anyone has some good information on both the phones that will help me decide, please share!

admin answers:

BlackBerry 9700 Bold Unlocked Smartphone s a great product. It's more compact that the Bold 9000 that I used to own. I much prefer the touch-sensitive track pad compared to the trackball too. Besides those two main factors the functions and battery life are basically the same between the two.

I love my blackberry it is so amazing i never wright reviews but this product is so awsome that i had to wright a review of course with every product there is at least one thing i dont like but i have have 10000 that is good to say about the device i take lots of pics and the camera on this phone has very good quality video could be better not to much impressed with that.

Carol asks…

Blackberry Torch 9810 vs iPhone 5/4S vs Blackberry Torch 9860?

So I'm getting a phone and I don't know what phone to get. Everyone in my family has a Blackberry and most of my friends have one too. I want an iPhone because I want to have a different phone than everyone else but then again I want a Blackberry so I can BBM everyone. Also I have an iPod Touch 4G if that helps. Which one do you think is the best?

My dad has an Blackberry Bold 9900. So I don't want the same phone as him.
My carrier doesn't have the Samsung Galaxy.

admin answers:

I have had an iPhone 4 for about 6 months and have no problems with it at all and it is definitely recommended, especially of you own an iPod touch, because I bet if you get a blackberry you will still carry around your iPod but if you get an iPhone you will mix both together and get Internet wherever you go

Joseph asks…

BlackBerry vs iPhone for teen guy?

I currently am using an iPhone 3GS, and am eligible for an upgrade. Around my high school, BlackBerry's are the most prevalent, but is BBM worth it to switch to a BlackBerry? I do use SMS alot, but most of the people I text have BlackBerry's. The plan that I have already comes with unlimited text, so dropping unlimited text would be irrelevant. If I were to get a BlackBerry, coming from an iPhone, which one do you think would be best for me? It would have to have GSM and 3G as thats what my network (Telus) offers. If I were to stay with the iPhone, would it be best to just stay with the 3GS and wait for an iPhone 5 or get an iPhone 4 now? I want to hear your opinion.

admin answers:

I would say that switching to a BlackBerry for BBM is a terrible idea because you can text just the same on an iPhone as you can on a BlackBerry. Plus, you can get way more apps, and you can even video chat on an iPhone! Both of which you cannot really do with a BlackBerry. I say you get and iPhone 4 now, that way in a year and a half you will be eligible for an upgrade just in time for the iPhone 6 to come out. Most likely there won't be any extremely nice and big changes for iPhone 5 but on iPhone 6 it will be time for some big changes and you will be able to get it right when it comes out.

Sandy asks…

Blackberry vs. iPhone vs. Android?

I am switching to Sprint and I don't know which phone to get. Blackberry is coming out with a new curve which will be available on Sprint. Sprint is getting the iPhone in October, they will have the new iPhone 5 and the discounted iPhone 4. The final choice is the HTC Evo Shift 4G. Whihc one should i get? BB Curve, Iphone 4 or 5, or HTC Evo Shift? HELP!!!!
I don't want to spend $200 that is why the BB bold is not an option or any of the new android phones

admin answers:


Lizzie asks…

A new phone?? AT&T vs. Verizon??? Blackberry vs. IPhone?

I currently have the LG Neon and my carrier is At&t. For a long time i thought that Verizon was the best carrier out there. I was recently thinking about switching to Verizon. Is there really a difference with the carrier? Also i wanted to get a new phone. My plan is up around April 21. I have been thinking about either getting an IPhone or a Blackberry. I dont particularly like the Blackberry torch so i have been thinking about the Curve or Bold. If i was to get an Iphone i would get Iphone 4 or wait til the Iphone 5 comes out. I am using it for personal use, i was wondering if it would be better to get a Blackberry and if so which Blackberry. If its better to get an Iphone. Whatever you pick as the best please give a reason. Thank you soo much for answering this. I dont want to make a mistake getting the wrong phone so every answer is helpful!!!

admin answers:

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