Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Os 6 9700

David asks…

Blackberry 9700 unlocked OS 6?

Hey i want to install OS 6 on my blackberry 9700, But it's unlocked and when i try to install it through the desktop manager says : This BlackBerry® Device Software upgrade includes new features and significant enhancements to the BlackBerry® solution and, as such, is only available to users with an active BlackBerry subscription. To learn more about BlackBerry® service, please visit
How can i install OS 6 on my Blackberry 9700 unlocked?? please i really need this OS!

admin answers:

Unlocked does not mean free data services.

Call your current provider to add data to your wireless plan.

George asks…

OS 6 for blackberry 9700?

How can i upgrade to OS 6 on my Blackberry 9700

admin answers:

Wait for your provider to make it available.

Chris asks…

Is OS 6 available for the BlackBerry Bold 9700 yet?

There is a lot of rumour and speculation on the web at the moment regarding whether or not a legitimate version OS 6 for the 9700 is available for download. Yes there are leaked versions of earlier tests but is there a finalised version available for download yet?

admin answers:

Your best bet is to go to and keep an eye out there. When a legit version is available it will be posted there.

Mary asks…

How do I get OS 6 on my 9700 BlackBerry?

Make sure you tell me exactly how to do it or direct me to a video that shows me everything. Thanks!

admin answers:

If your provider has made it available you can do it from your phone

Options icon - Advanced Options - Wireless Update - Check for Updates

If the update is available you can install it

James asks…

is it possible to run rim os 6 on blackberry 9700 bold? If yes, then how can I update it?

Thanks in advance,

admin answers:

It should be available eventually but it isn't yet.

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