Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Torch 2011

Nancy asks…

will the blackberry torch 1 still be available on june 11 2011?

i asked this because i read on google "10 reasons why the blackberry torch was sent back" so i dont know.... will it???

admin answers:

Yes, it will still be available.

Ruth asks…

what is the current price of blackberry torch in the US as of july 2011?

with no contract

admin answers:

It depends where you buy it from but it should be $400-$500 (it's $399.99 from AT&T).

Lisa asks…

Will the blackberry torch be an 'old phone' by august 2011? ?

I am due my upgrade with my phone provider (vodafone) but they are giving me a rubbish deal: 1) pay extra per month for the contract! 2) pay for the handset! 3) agree to a 26 month contract! ...Anyway this is no way a fair deal for an existing customer, so I may cancel my contract in august, join another provider where I'll get a better deal!

My question is; by the time august is here do you think the bb torch will be classed as an 'old phone'? I got the bb curve 8520 when it was 1st available so I'm kinda used 2 having the lastest phone & by august it won't be the latest :-( What do you all think?

admin answers:

Definitely not - blackberries seem to always be in fashion, no matter how old the model is. The Torch is a relatively new and very good phone anyway, so it's unlikely to get old in 3 months. Blackberry rarely release new phones anyway - they're usually upgraded models of others. To be honest, the torch just looks like an upgraded Bold with a touchscreen.

Daniel asks…

do you know why my blackberry torch camera isn't working?

I bought my new blackberry torch on the 10th may 2011. the cameras been working fine since. Its now the 13th may 2011, and the camera will not work. When i press the camera button to take a picture, it shows me the normal options at the bottom but the screen goes black (doesn't look like the camera is on)
Really confused me as i haven't dropped it or anything?
Thanks for your help

admin answers:

Confused me too lol. Id suggest you take battery out and put in again it may re-set phone, but as you have had it just 3days i wouldnt mess around too much, take/send it back under its warranty

Chris asks…

should i get the blackberry torch or palm pre plus?

which phone should i get, or do you know any other phones coming out in summer 2011? please help

admin answers:

Feb 9th palm is making a big announcement for their new phones

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