Thursday, January 5, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Voicemail Icon

Maria asks…

I have a blackberry curve & the voicemail icon won't go away!!?

I have a blackberry curve 8310 & the voicemail icon will not get off of my homescreen. I do not have ANY voicemails, (no saved, skipped, or deleted) & I've tried turning my phone off & back on. Also, I took the battery out & reset my phone. It's still there. Does anyone know how to get rid of it??

Please help, it's irritating me! lol.

admin answers:

This has happened to me. I called my phone from another cellphone, & left a message. Then took my phone & checked & erased the voicemails on my phone. The icon went away. This worked for me!!!

Sharon asks…

Can't remove voicemail icon from Blackberry Curve!?

I have a Blackberry Curve 8330. I CANNOT RID MY SCREEN ON THE VOICE MAIL ICON!
I have done a battery pull, while the phone is on AND off. I have cleared my voicemail, including saved. I have called, left myself a message, then cleared that. Still there. I have deleted the little texts that say One Voicmail. I've called multiple times and it tells me i don't have any!
It's driving me crazy..please help!
I really don't want to call Verizon & deal with that.. thank you!!

admin answers:

That's odd.

Usually leaving yourself a voice mail and deleting it works.

Try this:

Options - Security - Firewall - Menu Key - "Reset All Counts".

I have also read that this is a glitch in the operating system and the only way to fix it is to reinstall the OS.

Chris asks…

Blackberry Pearl has a very small earth icon on top of the screen next 2 voicemail what is it?

Blackberry Pearl with Sprint/Nextel and the icon is a small earth (notthe internet icon earth) i cannot figure out what the icon represents.

admin answers:

It represents a website that at some point you asked to be notified when the website is updated. Check your explorer options, check your bookmark options, and check your WAP/Push settings under the options icon.

Jenny asks…

Blackberry Curve: A globe icon has appeared in the same spot as the txt and voicemail notification, what is it

It appeared where I usually see the txt/mms notification symbol or the voicemail symbol. This symbol however, is a little earth globe with a number 2 by it. What is it? If they are messages, how do I retrieve them? (The little globe symbol is not listed in the owners guide).

admin answers:

This is a notification for a browser push message. If you sign up for any push services (like weather updates) then it will push them to the BlackBerry.

The actual messages should be in the Messages folder.

Susan asks…

How do you pick up your voicemail on Blackberry Curve (on Orange network) - there is no icon on the buttons?

like a normal phone. Thanks
Thanks Adam T

admin answers:

Dial 123 from your hanndset

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