Friday, January 27, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Warranty

William asks…

What is the number to the Alltel Blackberry Warranty Center?

A friend of mine needs to do a Warranty Claim on his phone and I can't seem to find the number. He has a White Blackberry Pearl and there is something wrong with the software program.

admin answers:

Personal: 1-800-alltel1 (1-800-255-8351)
# Business: 1-888-4AT-BIZZ (1-888-428-2499)

Nancy asks…

how do i sign up for my blackberry warranty?

i just bought the new blackberry bold for att. i heard blackberry has a 1 year warranty. do i have to sign up for it or is it automatic if i keep my receipt?

admin answers:

All phones have a 1 year manufacturers warranty!!!!

Sandy asks…

Blackberry warranty? my phone broke, i already bought a new one but want this old one exchanged?

I bought a phone from my network provider on a plan. I paid insurance and cancelled it after 10 months as the phone worked fine. On 12th month my blackberry broke. They said they can't exchange it even though its a software problem. But do not all the new phones have 2 year warranty??

admin answers:

Yer all phones has a 2 year warranty on phones except for motorola, so u should be sweet. Go to the store where u got the mobile

John asks…

Does anyone have a blackberry warranty card or any other cell phone warranty card?

I am working on a translation and need to know certain terminologies. I am not sure where I can find copies of these warranties online, if you have access to one please let me know!

admin answers:


Carol asks…

Will changing the mobile keyboard void the warranty? blackberry?

I have blackberry from T-mobile (contract), I want to change the keyboard. Will this void the warranty?

admin answers:

Replacing the keypad requires opening the case.

Opening the case voids the warranty.

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