Sunday, January 29, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Or Iphone 5

Mandy asks…

BlackBerry or iPhone 5?

Should I buy an iPhone 5 or a BlackBerry? Social Networking, Music, and Gaming are the areas I look for the most in a phone. Its true the iPhone excells on all 3 but the BlackBerry is incomparable in the Social Networking part.
Any ideas which one to own?

admin answers:

IPhone 5 isn't actually out yet but if you mean iPhone 4 then, well it depends what you will use it for!

If you will use it for work then Blackberry is best as it is easy to access your email on and easy to text as it has a qwerty keyboard.

If you will use your phone for fun/games then IPHONE is best. I have never had and iPhone but my dad has one and I have an iPod touch. They are really fun but I find using a qwerty keyboard is easier.
Hope you enjoy whichever phone you use :D

Mark asks…

Blackberry or Iphone 5?

I'm going to get a new cellphone. I have Iphone 3... just wondering what phone is better

a blackberry or an Iphone 5 and why?

admin answers:

Well The IPhone 5 Hasnt Been Released Yet But If Your Getting A Phone Before It Does Release Ask The Store Person To See If You Can Kinda Look At The IPhone 4 And The Blackberry To See Which One You Like Best ! :)

Michael asks…

Blackberry or iPhone 5?

My parents are finally letting me get a phone! :D The only problem is...I can't choose between the Blackberry or the iPhone 5 that's coming out in September. Any advice? Thanks.

admin answers:

I would go with the iPhone 5. Blackberries are more geared toward working people. IPhones are a lot better for teens and the like because they have a lot of games and multimedia features.

Plus, from an industry standpoint, RIM reign as the king of the smartphone is pretty much over. Android based phones and iPhones are the future (I guess you could consider Windows phone 7 too).

I would say buy either the iPhone 5 when it comes out, or a comparable Android powered device. Personally, I have an iPhone 4 and am going to get the iPhone 5 when it comes out too. Blackberries are outdated and won't be popular, except as possibly still for businesses because they are easier because they are used to them.

Betty asks…

iPhone 5 Or Blackberry?

I have a blackberry at the moment, but i'm starting to get sick of it, and the iphone5 is comming out in a couple of days so i was just wondering which is a better make or phone iPhone or blackberry? ,Thanks:)
Actually where i live it's coming out in a couple of days

admin answers:

You's be stupid to chose a blackberry. IPhone 5 all the way. The only people who prefer Blackberry's are people who have never owned an iPhone

Joseph asks…

Iphone 5 or Blackberry?

So my phone contract end in June of this year. But now there trying to say that the Iphone 5 is not coming out till Sept. I can't wait that long. Is the iphone 5 better to wait for it or should I just get the blackberry

admin answers:

Depends what you need the Iphone 5 for. The Iphone 5 will have a better camera. But with the blackberrys i find it easier to text on, Email ect. But again with the Iphone, It has an Ipod, Camera,Facetime ect. Whatever suits your needs;)

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