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Questions About Blackberry Os Update Mac

Betty asks…

How do you sync Blackberry Storm with Mac OS X?

is there a FREE easy way to sync the blackberry storm with a mac? on the mac there is entourage and the ical, etc.. i heard pocketmac works but when i sync, it just kicks me off and closes the program? i had all the new driver updates. is there a step by step guide to doing this i am getting very frustrated, it worked once and never again.

admin answers:

That's because PocketMac is CRAPPY, period.

I only use The Missing Sync for BlackBerry, version 2.0 by Mark/Space:

Yes, it's a paid program BUT it's THE BEST, period.

It's more than worth the money, it's a safe investment !!!

William asks…

How to Blackberry Restore OS ?

hello, my blackberry is acting wierd and there was an update for email so i did and the phone wouldnt reboot, it would freeze ay the end, now im at a screen with all my apps just listed, but i cannot open any of them and i need to restore the OS and i dont know how, can you please tell me. i am using a mac and have blackberry desktop software

admin answers:

Google it...

Chris asks…

Blackberry Storm Compatible with Mac?

I am thinking of buying a Blackberry Storm and have read different things about it being compatible with mac. Some say it's not while others say it is. Some say Pocketmac works as well as the missing sync while others say it doesn't.

I use a macbook pro with intel. Leopard for the OS with all the newest updates. Will I be able to sync my contact list, calenders, music (not bought from itunes) and photos onto the Blackberry?

Just looking for a straight yes or no to these questions.
Dec 28th 2008.

Thank You.

admin answers:

Yes, with pocketmac fro blackberry. You can download it directly from the apple website

Susan asks…

HeYy Blackberry Junkies!?

I have the blackberry curve 8310 with the 4.2 OS and i want to download the 4.5 OS. I know how to do it the problem is that i have a mac and im not sure how to download the update on my computer because it keeps saying that the program wont run bc its for a PC.

my question is how do i download the program to a mac so i can update my blackberry?

and if not, is there a way to do it from my phone?

thanks ahead of time...


admin answers:

You should be able to do an "over the air" update

Go to your OPTIONS menu (if its the same icon as the Storm it will be a spanner - wrench if you are in the USA)



Follow the instructions

PS: You really shouldn't have put your PIN on screen, you don't know what sort of weirdo may now start to use it.

Laura asks…

I plan on selling my 8100 BlackBerry Pearl on ebay, but I have a couple of questions.?

I've had this AT&T BlackBerry for about two years now, it's fully functional and it's also unlocked to other services. I'm currently with T-Mobile. I plan on selling this phone, so I can raise some money for a Mac Mini.

It has a couple of scratches at the top, but nothing to keep you from using it. I was wondering if this would be a bad thing? I'd throw in a free silicone case. I pretty much used it to cover up the scratches and I honestly thought it looked hot.

It's updated with the latest software and OS and I'll include the USB cord and things. Is this good enough to pass?

admin answers:

Yes, here's a link to a phone selling guide

you may want to try selling it to someone local first.

Also, make sure you describe the item's condition in detail and do not cover up anything in your photos... 'No Returns' does not prevent the buyer claiming it is not as described and sending it back at your expense

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