Friday, January 20, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Torch

Sharon asks…

Blackberry Torch......?

i need to find the cheapest pay monthly deal for a blackberry torch. any ideas? I don't mind which network
and btw i don't want to pay anything for the phone itself - in other words it needs to be free with a contract

admin answers:

This is called Yahoo answers NOT Yahoo does
A: 5 networks to choose from
B: request it from Yahoo answers

"I need to find the cheapest pay monthly deal for a blackberry torch. Any ideas? "
B: Yeah but legal will only redact.

Betty asks…

Blackberry torch??????

I have the blackberry torch and i want to use colors to differentiate messages from other messages.i Can see the option to do it but for some reason it wont let me

admin answers:

You have to download various apps for this. Some of them include color ID, what is it?, etc. Most of them you have to pay for, however, they also have free versions.

Richard asks…

How do i use blackberry torch front camera ?

I have a blackberry torch and don't know how to use the front camera anyone know ?

admin answers:

The Torch doesn't have a front camera. Actually, there isn't a Blackberry model out yet that has a front camera.

Check out the Blackberry website for more info.

Maria asks…

How much does the new blackberry torch 9800 cost?

Okay , i'm planning to get a blackberry torch 9800 & online it says $49.99 , see iv never bought a phone online so i'm a noob at this , is it really $49.99 ?

admin answers:

Buying online is the same as buying in the store, the discount price requires a new contract/ contract extension. This price doesn't include taxes or new connection fees

David asks…

What cell phone carrier is getting the blackberry torch next?

Besides AT&T, what is the next cell phone carrier that will receive the blackberry torch? I want it so bad but I can't switch to AT&T. I have both Verizon and T-mobile, so if it comes to either of those cell phone carriers I can get it. If you know anything about where the torch is headed to next please let me know! Thanks!
Do you know when or if T-mobile or Verizon is getting the torch?

admin answers:

US Cellular

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