Monday, January 30, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Curve 8330

David asks…

Can a Blackberry Curve 8330 be hacked and is it safe to browse on it?

I just got a Blackberry 8330 Curve through Sprint. I'm very paranoid about online safety with my accounts and passwords. I'm currently using the default browser.

I want to know if it is safe to browse the internet, check e-mail, and bank accounts on my phone if I am only using trusted sites and if the phone itself can be hacked in any manner.

admin answers:

The BlackBerry device is highly secure and I haven't heard of any real hacks for it, like PC computers. I have surfed the Internet and used online banking for several years without compromises.

Carol asks…

Is my BlackBerry Curve 8330 software up to date?

My Verizon Wireless BlackBerry 8330 Curve is v4.5.0.77

Is the latest version? If not, please tell me where I can find a link to download this new version. Thanks.

admin answers:

Yes, Your blackberry curve is up to date. I also have the same software and mine is up to date

Maria asks…

How to upload pics from my blackberry curve 8330 to my computer?

Im trying to download my pictures onto my computer from my blackberry curve 8330. I've plugged in the usb cable, but no prompts have come up and I don't notice any software anywhere. Please help.

Thanks in advance for your help.

admin answers:

Install the desk top manager if not already installed.

There are two ways of doing this:

1. Attach the device to your computer and open up the desk top manager.
Select the "Media" icon. Under "Media Manager" select start. This will open up the "Media Manager".
In the lower left you will see "My Devices."
You will see two locations listed for your device. Device memory and Media card.
Under each you will see the folders listed for both. If the pictures are stored in the device memory select the picture folder under device memory, if they are stored on the media card, select the picture folder listed under "Media card." This will display the pictures in the lower right pane.
Go to the upper right and select the "Folders' icon. Go to "My Pictures" and create a new folder. Right click on the "My Pictures" folder or right click in the pane on the upper right, select "New folder."
Name the new folder something easy to remember, I called mine "Device Download Files."
Open this folder.
Go to the lower right pane, select the images you will to move or copy to your computer. Select "Move" or "Copy", from the center bar, to move or copy the pictures from your device.

2. When you first attach the BlackBerry curve to the computer, the curve will prompt you to turn on "Mass Storage Mode." Select "Yes," do select "Don't Ask this again". This will make you device appear under "My Computer" like a thumb drive would. If your pictures are stored on the media card, device memory will not show, and then you can drag and drop them into a folder.
This would allow you to drag and drop files from your computer to the memory card on your device.

Nancy asks…

how much will a blackberry curve 8330 cost from best buy with a 1yr upgrade for sprint?

I'm planning on upgrading my phone to a blackberry curve 8330 on sprint I only had my phone for 1yr. I want to no how much it would cost if i upgrade with a 1yr upgrade but I want to buy it at best buy. Also I want to know will best buy have a back to school sale on phones for sprint.

admin answers:

Check this link

wish will help

Paul asks…

Is there software for the Blackberry Curve 8330 to have conversation SMS settings?

I've had my old Blackberry Curve 8330 for a little over a year now. I can't stand the individual messaging. Is there a software for the Curve for conversation SMS messaging? I'd really like to know if there is, and if so, how I can get it. Thanks!

admin answers:

Try CrunchSMS

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