Friday, January 13, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Curve 8530 Battery

Donald asks…

My new blackberry curve 8530 battery drains fast?

I just got a new blackberry curve model 8530 4 days ago and ever since my battery drains FAST.

I have pretty much no background apps, low backlight and everything and it only lasts about 6 hours withOUT me even using it until it says low battery
i have to charge it about 2 times a day!
what do i do to make it last longer???
I've let it go down to low battery and have charged it fully overnight 3 times.
wifi is off.

admin answers:

Dear u need to full charged it for first time use.Leave it atleast 10 hour for charging.If still problem then contact ur retailer.

Betty asks…

I have a blackberry curve 8530 & my battery connector fell out. how do i get it back in. help!?

I have a blackberry curve 8530 & my battery connector fell out. how do i get it back in. Can someone post pictures too of how it looks in the phone. THANK YOU

admin answers:

Yo kristen u cant get it back it u broke it

Sandra asks…

Can I use an LG 1000mAh battery in my BlackBerry Curve 8530?

The battery that the BlackBerry came with is a 1150 mAh (I think, that's what it says on the website),
C-S2 BlackBerry battery. Does C-S2 mean that I can't use another brand of battery with my BlackBerry? And also, would a 1000mAh battery work in my phone? Thanks.

admin answers:

Phones are designed to be used with their specific batteries for their power needs because every phone is different. Blackberry batteries are very different than LG batteries. I would only use the battery designed for your phone.

Robert asks…

Blackberry curve 8530 battery killer!!!?

Ok so i really love my blackberry curve but i seriously don't know why my battery dies within 15 hrs... I want to know what common things take up the battery!!! Please tell me how to conserve the battery!

admin answers:

Turn off wi-fi and Bluetooth if you are not using them

Shut down any apps that may be running in the background

Hold down the Menu key to see what is running

Browser, Phone, Home, BBM and Messages will always be running shut down everything else

BBs do not have very good battery life so 15 hours is actually pretty much normal

My Bold 9650 battery lasts about 12 hours but I use it heavily throughout the day

Nancy asks…

Can my Blackberry Curve 8530's battery be used on another one?

Sprint uses the phone's battery instead of a sim card.

Can I use the same battery on another phone of the same model?

admin answers:

Of course.

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