Friday, January 6, 2012

Your Questions About Blackberry Bold 9900 White

Mandy asks…

Blackberry torch 9800 White or blackberry bold 9900 White?

My birthday is coming up soon and I've been wanting a new blackberry for some time and my parents said theyll get me a new one I've already had a curve 8520 but I found it shit as it kept on crashing and these are the other two phones I like the torch and the new bold, so which one should I get and in what colour, even though I said White but still, any suggestions?

admin answers:

Go with the Bold, I had the 9800 it was an awesome phone at first, but there awkward in the hand and take some practice to open it without dropping it, in the end you don't even get that much more screen. At least with the 9900, you get the best of both worlds. I'm not a fan of the white Blackberry's. If thats what you want and will keep it go for it , it's your phone. But the White ones are very hard to resell.

As far as them freezing, that is complete BS, story's like that are typicallty idiots who can't use the phone and run every app they have all the time. Same goes for Andriod and iOS. Some people just can't use phones, then they blame the phone

Susan asks…

White BlackBerry Bold 9780 or Black BlackBerry Bold 9900?

Hey guys! So this will be my first blackberry and I've always wanted one but my parents would never get me one. Anyways, I recently got a job at tim horton's so now I'm going to have extra spending money. I've been checking Rogers, Telus and Bell for some plans to see what is a better value and stuff like that. I've always wanted the white BlackBerry Bold 9780, but they have the new blackberry out and I really like that one... except it doesn't come in white... Which is a major CON for me.

So can someone please give me a list of pros and cons of which option would be better? I mean, the 9780 is the older version, but it comes in white, and the 9900 is really nice, sleek, and modern-er but it doesn't come in white.

HELP ME PLEASE! Also, what would you pick?

admin answers:

The blackberry bold 9900 comes out in white at oct 15th!! If you text alot i would wait for the bold 9900 because the keybored is wider and its better for texting i the bold 9900 is touch screen some people don't prefer the touch screen. So i think you should just do some research on both phones to see which ones better for u that's always the best way.

Donald asks…

RELEASE date for the new blackberry bold 9900 in white?

when does the white version come out in the uk?

admin answers:

I'm not too sure about the UK but im pretty sure the blackberry bold 9900 launches October 15th 2011 :D

Charles asks…

Blackberry bold 9900 in white?

Hey guys,
I'm just wondering when the bold 9900 will be available in white

admin answers:

Ya got 2 points

Sandy asks…

IPhone 4 White or Blackberry Bold 9900?

I know it's quite general but please answer :)

admin answers:

It depends on what you want to do with it. BB is if you want to stay in touch with friends (and constantly be in touch with them.) An iPhone is basically a small handheld laptop device.

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