Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Torch 4g

Maria asks…

Get the Ipod Touch 4g or Blackberry Torch?

I've been planning on getting a Ipod & also a new phone for Christmas but I don't want to get both right now. So which one should I get first?
Also what are the apps with it each of them.

admin answers:

Get the Torch! Its amazing. Its not only touch screen like the Iphone but it also has a full keypad. I had the pearl before and I loved it but this is way better. If you plan on getting an iPod I would get the iPod and then get a blackberry to. I don't have to many apps (i only get the free ones) but both phones have really good apps.
Overall I think the Blackberry Torch is better than the iPhone.
Hope this helps :)

Susan asks…

HTC evo vs Samsung epic 4g vs Blackberry torch vs Nokia n8?

I'm planning to get a new phone, which is better? :)
or Motorola droid?

admin answers:

I'd really really want to take the N8. If I were to explain why, my answer would be biased. I really want a 12 mp cameraphone, and I am intrigued to see Symbian 3 in action since the Symbian 60 5th edition was a fail.
I think that HTC evo and Samsung epic are too large, (4.3 and 4 inches screen diagonally).
And ergonomically, I believe that the N8 is the best of the 4. Also, I do not want a slide out keyboard, so, you get the point.

Hope this helps,... :)

Betty asks…

should i get an samsung infuse 4g,motorola atrix 4g or a blackberry torch?

ok my phone broke and i need a new one. which one is the best? as in surfing the net,music,camera,battery life and just will last me longer. which one is the best>?

admin answers:

I wouldn't go with the samsung infuse 4G.. One of the friend had the same phone and was always complaining bout the battery life. I have the bb torch for at least 6 months and I didn't have much to complain bout. However, there are some new bb torch coming out so if I was u, wait for the new ones to come. Motorola artix 4G... I don't know much bout the phone other than it being an Andriod and being touchscreen..
Make sure it a phone u can b comfortable with.. Texting etc...

Ruth asks…

4G Blackberry Torch, Samsung Focus, or HTC HD7S?

This would be my first time with a smartphone, and I get the cheapest data plan with at&t--the 15 dollar one. I checked these phones out in the store and narrowed it down to the blackberry, samsung and htc. Does anyone have these phones, what are the pros and cons?
I really don't want to spend 200 dollars on the new iphone, and i just don't really like the 3G one.
I'm not really a huge texter, i sometimes call people, and I would mainly use the internet in my wifi home or somewhere else wifi. All opinions on these are much appreciated!! Thank you!!

admin answers:

Hi.I would recommend the HTC HD7S.That phone has an awesome style to it and cool features.Look up pros/cons on each phone on phonescoop or cnet

Sandra asks…

Blackberry Torch or MyTouch 4G?

What do you think is better and why? The Blackberry Torch or the MyTouch 4G (T-mobile carrier.)? I had a BB, was eligible for a full upgrade, so I got the MyTouch 4G. I've had it for about 6 weeks now, and I must say...I'm not loving it. Should I find my way back to Blackberry or give the MyTouch more time? I hate that its all touch screen, but I don't know how that Blackberry is. Is there GPS on it? Is it as good as the MyTouch's GPS? Help please. Pros and Cons of both phones. Please and thank you. ^_^

admin answers:

Blackberries today don't compare with the processing power of Android and iPhone. Touchscreen keyboards take some getting used to, but with all the apps available, and features of the phone(s), Blackberry doesn't hold a candle. The only reason Blackberry is still around is because neither Google or Apple have developed a viable enterprise system for their operating systems. But you have to remember, it's what YOU feel comfortable with. If Blackberry is comfortable to you and does what you need it to then go for it.

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