Sunday, January 22, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Bold 9650 Cases

Ken asks…

Will a phone case for the Blackberry Bold 9600 series work for the Blackberry Bold 9650?

admin answers:

I don't think so. There's a unmatching side like camera, loudspeaker, etc.

David asks…

blackberry bold 9650 questions?

less than two weeks ago, i got the blackberry curve 8530 from verizon. while i like the curve there are some things about it that i don't like. such as, the battery life is so short that i have to make sure i'm signed out of everything all the time, and i have to have my backlight at the lowest setting. i'm able to trade in my blackberry curve for a blackberry bold since it's been less than two weeks, but before i do that there are just some things i wanted to know.

1. how is the battery life on the bold?

2. what are the advantages of having a bold instead of a curve?

3. is the camera good?

4. where can i find coach cases for it?

5. are any of the bolds the same size? like, is the bold 9700 and the 9650 the same size? or are any of them the same size as the 9650? i'm not finding many cases for the 9650, that's why i'm asking.

thank you!

admin answers:

1. Battery life will be slightly better than the Curve since the Bold does have a higher capacity battery. Normal battery life for a smartphone is anywhere from 1-2 days, depending on usage
2. Advantages would be that the Bold is a global phone, so you can use it in Europe and other areas, the Bold comes with a 2 GB memory card installed, double the internal memory, data speeds will be slightly faster, and it has a 3.2 MP camera w/ flash vs. A 2 MP and no flash on the Curve- it would cost you a total of $115 to exchange the Curve for the Bold
3. The camera will be better than the Curve, mainly due to the flash
4. Online
5. Yes they should all be the same size

Sandra asks…

will this work with blackberry bold 9650?

admin answers:


Laura asks…

will this work with the blackberry bold 9650?

admin answers:


Jenny asks…

Im getting new phone today...! i have some questions!!!?

so today im getting the blackberry bold 9650 from Verizon.. i have heard its a rlly good phone and it works gr8! im just wondering what r some of its features? also hows the keyboard for texting?comfortable??? is there a section for apps?? if so, does it come with a connecting cord to the computer ( i have a mac ).. if theres an app section, what site do i go on? also r there free apps?and also i want to get a case for it and i was wondering if these 2 would work..... JUST COPY AND PASTE THEM IF THERE ISNT A LINK:::: OR

yeah so i was wondering which one is better or if those r even good cases! thank u soooo much! :) kaitlyn:D
i just clicked the link and it isnt working so bacically the first one is the snap on cover/black $25.00

the second one is the snap on cover red or purple $20.00

admin answers:

1. There are Loads of apps to download, including free ones, but you will have to be connected to the internet via 3G or wifi.
2. Cases for phones are a must, definitely buy one! Those ones should work, or a cheaper option would be the plastic slip-on ones.

3.2 MP camera
2X digital zoom
Video recording

Onboard 512 MB memory and GPS


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