Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Os Update Sprint

Helen asks…

Can anyone help me with updating my Sprint Blackberry 8130?

Im getting frustrated and im not sure what im doing...im trying to download a theme and it wont work cause i need the 4.5 OS and i dont know how to get the phone to update

admin answers:

Go to the official forum and there are articles tell you how to update step by step!

Url of the forum:


Daniel asks…

Link to OS 5.0 for blackberry 9630 needed. HELP !!!!!!!?

I need to find a link for the new software update for the blackberry 9630 i know sprint came out with the upgrade but i have a verizon phone so i need help finding the leaked link or any link to upgrade my software to 5.0 thanks in advance to anyone who can help

admin answers:

Www.blackberryos.com. They have every leaked and officlal OS releases. Great helpful people on there also.

Sandy asks…

how can I get a new phone out of sprint?

I currently have a blackberry tour that I got with my yearly upgrade back in october (our contract ends in the very beginning of october of this year)

Well I've had nothing but problems with it, I've had four of them and if I have this one replaced for doing the exact same things (minus the trackball problem on it, they seemed to fix that this time) this will make 5. I've called customer service and they said "there is nothing we can do, that's up for the store to decide" and the people at the store say I need to call customer service!

All my phones have done these things:
-problems moving track ball left to right, and periods where it just stops working period.
-The software no matter what I do will not update to the latest version of blackberry OS 5.0.2 (it won't update for the technicians at the store either)
-My phone over heats to the point it could easily burn your hand, when making calls, and using it more than an hour straight
-The internet takes an hour to load a page, which I know it's cell phone internet, but my dad's blackberry loads pages super fast.
-Freeze for hours at a time, even when I pull the battery it will load again and then freeze in the exact same place.

I just want a phone that works, I'd take a cheap phone at this point as long as it functioned properly.
This one when I make calls I can hear the person on it, but they can't hear me. What's the point of having a cell phone that can't perform it's main function.

I'm 16 and always on the go, and I need a phone to communicate with my family about where I am and where I'm going!
I also have the total protection coverage for insurance on my phone.

admin answers:

You can purchase a different phone on eBay. Just have customer service check the ESN before you buy to make sure you'll be able to activate it.

Betty asks…

Blackberry won't play YouTube?

It's a sprint blackberry curve 8330 most current updates with JavaScript on. I click on the play video link and it does nothing. I tried this also in opera and it only redirects me back to bb os browser. Help!

admin answers:

I have the same issue from time to time, but its only because some videos are formatted to be viewed on mobile devices where others are not. I use Opera Mini and it will always open in a web browser though.

Check out Blackberry App World and search for "Youtube". They have an app that allows you to specify videos formatted for mobile devices. Sorry I don't recall the name of it off hand, but I believe its called player for youtube.

William asks…

BlackBerry Uncaught Exception?!?

I know the people at BB say in order to fix this you must wipe your BB. I took my phone to sprint they updated it to OS V5.0.0.973. It doesn't seem like it was wiped since I still have the uncaught exception issue. Should I backup and wipe my own phone? Should I downgrade my OS?

admin answers:

Is it happening when a certain program is running?

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