Thursday, January 19, 2012

Your Questions About Blackberry Bold 9700 Battery

Steven asks…

Why is my Blackberry Bold 9700 battery life draining out too often?

I got this phone less than a week ago and at first the battery life was superb lasting like 2 days
But now it barely lasts 5 hours. For example i'll fully charge my phone before I sleep and then uncharge it and then go to bed but when I wake up the battery will be dead.
How can I fix this?

admin answers:

Have you downloaded several new applications to the phone? After you have used these applications you must press the menu key and actually CLOSE the application. If you only press escape or the red phone button the application will stay on burning your battery. It doesn't take too many apps running at the same time to burn your battery out quickly.

Ruth asks…

How to extend my blackberry bold 9700 battery life?

i need ideas to extend my battery life, its a brand new phone. Wifi & bluetooth off. screen brightness to 50%

admin answers:

First thing is to make sure you exit apps by going through the menu and selecting close. Using the red end call button simply sends the app to the background where it continues to run. To see a list of apps currently running you should be able to hold the BB menu button down or if that doesn't work on your model try holding down the aA button and then hitting the BB menu button, but keep the aA button pressed down to scroll through as releasing it will open whatever app you're hovering over. Keep in mind there will always be five you cannot close.. BBM, Phone, Browser, Home and Messages.

Another thing that helps is keeping the backlight brightness down as low as you can tolerate and to have it dim as soon as you can tolerate also. I keep both at the lowest setting and it helps a lot.

I also purchased BatteryBooster which has helped and is (in my opinion) well worth the few dollars. I included a link below if you're interested in checking it out.

All these things combined I can actually make it a full 24 hours without having to charge my phone which is really good considering I use BBM a lot, as well as the browser and email. Before these changes I couldn't make it half the day so these things pretty much doubled my battery life.

Hope this helps!

Ken asks…

Blackberry bold 9700 battery?

I know this would probably a stupid question, but i was wondering if i have to wait till my battery is low to recharge it, or i can charge it at anytime? i also know the blackberry bold the batteries is better.. so if anyone know i have to wait till the battery becomes red to charge it.. let me know thanks

Thanks again.

admin answers:

You can charge it anytime :]

Linda asks…

blackberry bold 9700 battery life problems?

ok i was sitting in a take away and it said i had half my battery left.. then suddenly a notification popped up saying my battery is low so my handheld is being shutdown? i pulled the battery and it started to turn on but when i turned it on it said i had a tiny bit of battery left..
could it be a battery problem?

admin answers:

Ikr it happen frequently to me with my iPhone it the thing with the charging that it state as be in the wrong battery percentage probably some thing to do with the phone data if I was u I would go back and unistall any apps or anything that u install around that type well like around 8 before and around

Mary asks…

Why is my new Blackberry Bold 9700 battery dying so quickly ?

Okay so here the story i bought this phone on OCTOBER 3rd 2010 . So before it was working perfectly the battery life was awesome then it started to drain . I called T-Mobile and told them about it and they said okay then you need a new battery . I got the new battery 3 days ago and it still drains . Last night i charged it for about 3 hours then i used to it for a while but then when i woke up around 9 am it said battery low -___- major blow i really was upset. So i decided to call T-mobile again and they told me i would need an a new phone so they would give me an exchange . I dont want a new phone mainly because i would have to get a new blackberry messenger PIN i hate that then ill have to add everyone again that is so un cool -__- . What should i do to extend my battery life . Do you guys think its the phone any advice from my fellow blackberry users ? Thanks very much will be appreciated .

admin answers:

As for the WiFi yes that does drain it a lot yet don't forget about the email accounts as they are always bushing the email looking to your in-box. Look for apps that don't keep running while they are open also look to getting a new battery the extended life one yes it's more but it's worth it.

Just a thought when I bought my BlackBerry Tour the unit was on when he gave it to me the salesman that is....Yet the battery was so bad I complained about yet no response.

Now I have the Bold and it was new in the box as a replacement the battery lasts a lot longer, reasons I've been told is that when they sell the BB they use a battery from in back as it will be charged up and ready to go cause everyone wants to use their phone right out of the box.

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