Saturday, January 21, 2012

Your Questions About Blackberry Bold 9000

Mary asks…

Why does my Blackberry Bold 9000 jump in and out of service?

My Blackberry Bold 9000 jumps in and out of service. One minute it's on 3G and then its on either "searching for network" or "SOS" please help or lead me to a forum thanks in advance.

admin answers:

Do a diagnostics check.
This can be found under "Networks and Connections"
It will take a few minutes. I had the exact same problem as you, and this fixed it.
I also live in a large city, so it's extremely unlikely I was in a bad service area.
If this doesnt work, I'd definitely call in, and speak to someone who can help you - not just a bunch of randoms on the internet.
Best of luck!

Daniel asks…

How do I increase the application memory on my Blackberry Bold 9000?

I only have ten or twelve applications loaded on my Blackberry Bold 9000 and it's already low of application memory.... I have a 4G media card installed for all pictures and music files. I do have the Memory Booster App and the Memory Cleaner loaded and run those often. I want to increase memory and space for future apps.

admin answers:

Take calcium supplements. Then you'll be sharp-minded young man and you won't need these new fangled applications you're talking about. Whatever happened to the pen and paper, and the pony express?!

Laura asks…

How to listen to normal FM Radio on the Blackberry Bold 9000?

I have a new blackberry bold 9000. With all my previous phones, there has always been an application I can listen to the radio. I cant seem to find it on this phone. Help me please?
I live in adelaide, Australia.

Any ideas?

admin answers:

I heart radio?

Michael asks…

Blackberry Bold 9000 Flashing red light no longer flashes?

I just bought a Blackberry Bold 9000, and for the whole day, when i received a text message, the upper right hand side of the phone flashes red. But randomly it stopped and i checked my profiles and I'm pretty sure its all right. I know the light works, because i just turned it off and then back on and the light went on (solid) for a bit. But why doesn't it flash when I get a text message?

admin answers:

Click on your Profiles button (the one with the ear piece on the top left of most phones)
Scroll down to ADVANCED and click it
Put the cursor on NORMAL and click it
Scroll down to SMS and click it
Look at the "Repeat Notification" line and see if it says "LED Flashing"
If not it will say NONE--click on the NONE and change to LED FLASHING
Save and exit.

Good luck and BTW: This question has probably been answered at in their forums. When you get to the page look for the pull-down that says Forums>Blackberry Device Help...>BB Bold 9000 and use the search box to find your question/answer.

Seems like someone always knows what to do at that forum. Good Luck!

Linda asks…

Why cant my blackberry bold 9000 make a call ?

I have purchased a second-hand Blackberry Bold 9000,
and when i received it today , it was working just fine , i could make calls and send text messages .
And now , when i tried to make a call it ALWAYS says , " Call failed due to Sim Toolkit control error. Please try again later . SIM : Call barred . " Why is that ? Please Answer !

admin answers:

It could be the SIM card, or the phone is locked to a specific carrier (whoever you bought it from).

Does the phone indicate what network it was for when it boots up? A logo or something? Does that match what network you are on now? If so, you may need a newer sim card.

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