Monday, January 16, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Themes Free

David asks…

Where can i get free themes for Blackberry Pearl?

I have a Blackberry Pearl 8130, If any of you guys know where i can get free Blackberry theme??.. Please Answer

admin answers:

Just try.. Am not sure though..

Jenny asks…

Where can I get free themes for Blackberry Curve 8310?

I am looking for free Blackberry Curve themes. Any suggestions? I like girlie ones.

admin answers:

Good site with free themes, check it out below..

Mandy asks…

What sites can I find free BlackBerry 9530 Themes?

I have a Storm 9530 and I have been looking for free themes for it and haven't been very successful. Any sites will be well appreciated. Thank you

admin answers:

A good website that I've found so far would have to be, they have many free themes. If its in the Apps store then its on this website but the only difference is that it is free.

Hope it helped.

Charles asks…

Where can i get FREE Blackberry Tour themes?

I've looked around for free themes but every website i go to they cost money. Are there any free safe websites to get FREE themes? Thanks for your help :))

admin answers:

Maria asks…

where can i find free blackberry themes?

a site where i can text the theme to my phone which is the 8330. a blacklight one would be best. crackberry has crap and ony 2 are free. other sites like theme4bb or that pimpbb ask for registration and seem to be just forum sites and even then i cant find anything except for links to other site where i have to pay for them. can anyone help with some real downloads?

admin answers:

Um theres this site called sign up there and let them send you emails which contain bonuses every once in while where you can get free animated themes and stuff. The first time you sign up you get like a free theme and game. Otherwise you have to pay. Just to wait for there free stuff that they give out

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