Monday, January 9, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Wallpapers Free

John asks…

How can i download free wallpapers to my blackberry from

For some reason, there is not the usual option to enter my phone number and have a link sent to my phone.There is a link that says download, but when clicked it brings up a download to computer box with the normal run or save options. How can i get the wallpaper directly to my blackberry?

admin answers:

You need to have internet on your cell.

Donald asks…

Where can I find free blackberry pearl wallpapers? Also how do you apply themes?

admin answers:

Well if your phone has a Sand Disk memory you can copy pictures and stuff from the web save on to the disk and you will have it on your phone, make sure it works because a lot of the picture are to big so the phone won't be able to handle it.

Richard asks…

Where to get FREE blackberry themes/wallpapers?

Does anyone know any good sites where I can fet FREE blackberry themes or wallpapers. I don't mind if I have to sign up and make a username or whatever, as long as I can send the pictures/themes/wallpapers to my phone for free. I am seeing alot of themes and wallpapers that I really really like but they're like $4.99, $5.99 and I really don't want to pay anything to have on my phone that I'll probably constantly change. So if anyone knows any, please give me the link. Thanks! (I have a blackberry pearl 8130 verizon, if that makes a difference.)

admin answers: has some free themes and wallpapers.

Carol asks…

How do I get free wallpapers on my blackberry pearl?

admin answers:

Well you can get them from anywhere
Just do a image search on Yahoo or Google
Save that image in your computer and then upload it to your phone.

When its saved in your phone just chick on that image and you can press the Number 3 button to zoom in and 9 to zoom out. And use the trackball to move the picture around to your liken. Then you can press the menu button and click on "set as Home Screen Image"

Mark asks…

what are some good sites that have free wallpapers for blackberry curve and samsung freeform?

they both come from US Cellular.
thanks :)

admin answers:

You may want to go to the forums at and search for your question using the search box. It is a very comprehensive forum of Q & A for BB's. You will get loads of answers and lots of free wallpapers.

For the Samsung, try ... They may have some BB ones as well. Good luck!

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