Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Viruses

Lizzie asks…

Can blackberry phones have viruses?

My blackberry curve has been acting out for a couple weeks now and i beleive it has a virus. one reason is because it hitting random keys when im not ressing them and then freezing and the whole phone basically locks and no buttons register. If there are viruses than if you could possibly point out a software cleaning website for viruses or something along those lines itd be great.

Sincerely; That white kid

admin answers:

Hi.if you feel that you have a virus on your phone,wipe out everything on your phone.Reset everything.Back up all your important items before doing it though

Mark asks…

Can you get viruses in your blackberry phone or phones like it?

admin answers:

Smart phones such as blackberrys run on small operating systems which yes, can be infected with viruses.

William asks…

is it possible to get viruses through the internet on the blackberry storm?

admin answers:


Mandy asks…

Can Blackberry Torches pick up viruses?

Can Blackberry Torches pick up viruses from internet, text messages, ect.? If so,

admin answers:

Hmm, i don't think so. If that's a virus from a media card, definitely, your BB would request it to be formatted or won't read it.. If it's from the internet, your BB won't allow you to open unsafe sites but when it is from a text message, then YES..

Carol asks…

can blackberry phones get viruses ?

i have a blackberry curve 8520 and its always freezing, typing random O's and acts weird.. is there any possibility i can have a virus.. if so, how do i make it work again ?

admin answers:

It's possible but highly unlikely.

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