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Questions About Blackberry Tablet Review

Linda asks…

Blackberry Playbook vs iPad 2?

Hi, I'm in a bit of a conundrum. I'm looking for a tablet to use for college. On the one hand, my brother has an iPad 2 and it really is a great product; just as Apple says with its Mac's, everything just works. But it doesnt have Flash and it can be a little slow to load pages. But the screen size and ratio is amazing <3. But it may be TOO big for me, I want something a little bit more portable than a laptop.

On the other hand, however, I have a soft spot for the Playbook. I feel like this would be great for me too because; it's MUCH more portable, it's just as solid and reliable as the iPad (says every review I've read), and is just all-around a great product. But I feel like this screen is TOO compact and isnt a true tablet. Both products are priced the same, I would probably be picking up a 32GB WiFi version either way. I don't see myself downloading too many games, as I plan on using this for:

-Web browsing
-Maybe a little art when I'm bored
-Video calls
-Movie editing
-General productivity
-Music and photos
-output to TVs and such

So...what do you think? BB Playbook or iPad 2?

P.S. I plan on buying an iPad 2 for a friend of mine as a graduation present, so maybe that should sway my choice a little or something?

P.S.S. I have read a rumor saying that Blackberry may be working on a 10" Playbook to come out before the holidays. Should i wait for that?

Thank you for all your help :)

admin answers:

Hi.I would HIGHLY recommend getting the Blackberry Playbook.It is an awesome device and outbeats the ipad.

Chris asks…

Would you buy an iPad 2 or Blackberry Playbook?

I'm a real estate professional and I do own a Blackberry phone. I wanted to get a tablet to use on the go, at showings, and at open houses. I've owned an iPhone classic, 3G, 3GS and 4 all before my Blackberry bold and I love both devices. I switched to a Blackberry for faster email and because my iPhone 4 dropped too many calls, but the computer itself was great.

I like both the iPad 2 and the Playbook and I'm not sure which to go with.

I like that the iPad 2 has a bigger screen and more applications (minor plus)

I like that the Playbook can be tethered to my Verizon Blackberry to use the internet without having to purchase a separate data plan when not in Wi-Fi distance (since not every open house has access to wi-fi.

I would use the device to go on the internet, share listing info and photos with customers, and of course for some fun and games as well.

If you were in my shoes, which one would you purchase considering a 16gb iPad 2 (Wi-Fi) and a 16gb Playbook (Wi-Fi) are both about $500. I've read and watched plenty of reviews but they're all biased one way or another. Just wanted to hear other's opinions from those that may have one or both of these devices. Thank you.

admin answers:

I would get an iPad just because Apple is definitely worth your money. When it breaks you can always go in to any Apple store, no questions asked, they will fix your electronic issue (of course it has to be their product) Plus the quality is top notch. People love APple products

Steven asks…

Which tablet is best for me?

I'm going to get a tablet for christmas and I'm unsure which one to buy. I'm not allowed an iPad because they are just too expensive (starting at £399) but I've been looking at a few other options to suit my needs.

What I want a tablet for is for basically what an ipad does, you know, all the different apps to play with, maybe surf the web (I don't really need 3G though), do my emails and check my facebook & twitter...

I was looking at these:
- BlackBerry PlayBook
- HTC flyer (second-hand)
- Archos 101 internet tablet
- archos 80 G9 PC tablet

the archos ones are looking promising in terms of specifications but, I've never even heard of archos! The BlackBerry one is very smart, but is it a bit "petite"? and the HTC flyer has had some bad reviews online about it's battery life and a few other things.....

Any opinions? Or should I walk into an apple store and look for refurbs?

admin answers:

The blackberrys are great but so are the archos

Susan asks…

Which tablet to buy?: Motorola Xoom vs Asus eee Transformer?


I'm thinking about buying a table in the next 2-3 weeks. I have seen what is currently on the market and to be honest I'm not sure which one to choose. Living in the UK these are the main tablets I have seen in the shops:

1. Motorola XOOM wifi only
2. Acer Iconica W500
3. Asus eee Transformer Pad

Obviously we are talking about honeycomb tablets. Now I'm on a tight budget, I can afford any 3 of these, but I cant go for 3g XOOM i just cant justify paying over 150 pounds more for 3g add-on. I was thinking about tethering internet from my mobile if I need to (Anyone knows if it is possible to do it form Blackberry bold 9780?).

The problem I have with acers pad is that the battery life is just horrible, on the ad it says UP to 5 hours which means it will probably live even less.

Now main battle is between xoom and trasformer, I do like transformers screen more than xoom's the colours are vivid and brightness is great. However I saw on reviews that it has a lot of lags with camera and video recordings was this issue fixed already or not yet?

Xoom on the other hand, is great, feels nice in hands but the screen even maxed out on brightness seems kind of dark.

Which one do you think will be the best choice?

P.S If I import 3g model from the US will it work in the UK or not? I'm talking about using data plan with UK operator?
Please do not suggest and iPad. Im not a fan of their closed system.

admin answers:

I would definitely get the Xoom.
Either that or wait for the next Gen of the Galaxy Tab. Samsung's
display is much more beautiful than the
iPad and any other tablet.
Granted the resolution is still around 840x480, but the contrast and
viewing angles are amazing.
If you have the money for it, and you want to be stuck with Apple's
horrible software, get an iPad. I dislike Apple, but that iPad is
a piece of art. Everything is crisp, and the colors aren't as
great as the Samsung AMOLED display, but you'll have all the good
apps and great features.
The only bad thing is that there is no Android:/ And to me, that's one
of the best features of the tablet experience. Gingerbread:D

Maria asks…

Is the Blackberry Playbook a good substitue for a laptop?

I recently saw a commercial for the BB Playbook. I've had various BB phones so I'm not worried about quality as it's coming from BB. I would like to know is it a good substitute for a laptop? I'm headed off to college in a couple of months and i was wondering if the Playbook is able to run programs like iTunes, Microsoft Office including word, powerpoint, ect. I've seen reviews on Youtube and it seems like a good product, but most of the reviews I watched didn't go indepth about what types of programs it can run. My main concern is the Playbook being able to run a word processor of some sort. I need some insight into what I can really do with this tablet. Thanks

admin answers:

Of course not. It is NOT a computer.

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