Monday, January 23, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Themes Download

Daniel asks…

What is the best website to download blackberry themes off you phone browser?

admin answers:

I have this one i use just make sure your file is .AXL file extension then you can add this using desktop manager.

Donna asks…

How can I download themes for my blackberry?

I have the blackberry curve 8300 and I want a new theme but i dont have the option to download it on my phone to do it. How can i get themes so its charged to my account?

admin answers:

I think you should have internet access or data plan to download or install themes. But if you don't have data plan just make sure your file is .AXL extension. Then you can add this using desktop manager.

Linda asks…

How do you download themes to your blackberry from your computer?

I have an account on and i saved the themes that i wanted onto my computer but i dont know how to download them in to my blackberry. Plese help, somebody.

admin answers:

If you have them saved to your desktop then you need the blackberry software installed on your computer. Connect your blackberry via USB cord and then run the BB desktop software. Then once you have it up then click add...go and find the bb theme you downloaded - you have to go to the file with the alx it and then it will appear on the menu to download onto the phone. Do this for each respective theme. If you have cod or another extension those will have to be downloaded in another fashion. There is also where you can download via OTA (over the air) where if you have internet access from your phone (data plan) you can go to the website and locate the OTA link for the theme then you can download it directly to the phone and it will install from online.

Paul asks…

does anyone know where i can make/download blackberry themes?

i would like to make my own but i dunno how. please help. or is thee a website can download them for free.

admin answers:

Mobile 9 is the best

Sharon asks…

How do you download themes from your computer onto your blackberry?

i was trying to download a theme onto my blackberry curve and i didn't understand how to do it?

admin answers:

When downloading a theme to your blackberry you should do it over the air. That means accessing the download link through your blackberry browser.

Make sure you are selecting the theme that is for your model of blackberry as themes built for another model will not work properly on yours. (ie pearl themes will not display on the curve even though you can download them to your device with no problem)

In order to turn on your theme you simply go to Options > Theme > select the them you want from the list presented and click on it.

Your screen may flash briefly and when you go back to your home screen you will see the new design.

If you have to download the theme to your pc first you can drag and drop your theme into a folder on your memory card or internal memory.

Simply plug in your blackbery to your pc via usb cable. Enable mass storage mode on your blackberry when prompted and then drag and drop as regular.

Once the theme is on your blackberry you can navigate to that folder on your blackberry (after unplugging from the pc) and click on the .jad file. It will take you to a download screen and prompt you to continue.

Your theme will now be on your blackberry - turn it on using the same method described above.

Here is a great post with links to hundreds of free themes for your curve:

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