Saturday, January 7, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Curve 9300 3g

Susan asks…

Why is the Blackberry Curve 9300 3G camera so bad?

it has 2 mega pixels. meanwhile the iphone 2g/3g also has 2 megapixels and it looks great. the picture/video quality looks really good on the iphone (not iphone 4) but the blackberry curve 3g's camera is bad. its so sensitive when its bright out. but they have the same mega pixels. 2.

admin answers:

I have one too and YES the camera svcks it's only 2mp is why but even more so the screen resolution on blackberrys is poor.
I have a 4th gen ipod touch with a barely 1mp camera (less mp than my blackberry) and it's photos are superior to my blackberrys 2 mp ones!!!
Apple's new ipods have better screen resolutions and are just plain old better too.

Sharon asks…

Is 3G internet free on BlackBerry Curve 9300 PAYG?

I'm going out to buy a new phone tomorrow and I have my heart set on the BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300.

Forgive me if this is a stupid question, but is the internet free on this phone, bearing in mind it's on PAYG and not a contract?

Thanks in advance.

admin answers:

As soon as it uses a connection same as any phone does, you may pay fees depending on your plan and operator. Unfortunately, there's no free things in this world.

David asks…

What memory cards can I use to get 16 gb to 32 gb memory on the BlackBerry Curve 9300 3G?

I am thinking of getting the Curve 3G (9300) but was wondering what memory cards can have over 16gbs,as for now all I have seen with the supported MicroSD is about 8gbs,anyone have any ideas?

admin answers:

You need to buy the s/d micro memory card 32gb (s/d= san-disc)
you should get a good deal at

Michael asks…

how to transfer music from my computer to my blackberry curve 9300 3g?

i have a blackberry curve 9300 3g and want to upload music on it, but i have no idea how to do this. i have the little black memory card (2 gigs), the black disk that comes with every B.B. I put it in my computer but nothing is coming up. can you please help me. step by step would be GREAT!!! I just cant seem to get this!! :)

admin answers:

You have to download blackberry desktop software from the website then you have to buy a Micro SD card (1 Gb, 2,...) either you like based on how many songs you want on your device insert it into your blackberry then plug the cable that came along to your computer and go to the blackberry desktop software you previously downloaded and copy paste musics

Paul asks…

Stuff to do one the BlackBerry Curve 9300 3G ?

Anyone know what stuff you can do on the BlackBerry Curve 9300 3G :) ?

admin answers:

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