Monday, January 16, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Torch 2 Price

Carol asks…

If you know a lot about Blackberry's answer this :) ?

Hey, Well, Im let's say very young, and have a blackberry, i have the pearl, Does it ever happen to you or is it common that it gets stuck every like 2 hours? and to restart it I have to take the battery out and restart which takes like 5 minutes ? and also, I need all blackberry prices .. every single one , torch, NEW BB pearl (with trackpad etc.) , new curve, etc. :) (for at&t) Thankss (: I need helpp.

admin answers:

For prices: google. Lazy.

Daniel asks…

If a new line is added to a family plan do you only have to pay the 2-year contract price for the phone at&t?

My uncle has a family plan he said I can get added onto and I want to get the blackberry torch. Will I only have to pay the 199.99 +tax and fees?

admin answers:

Yeap when you add another line to a family plan. The extra line will cost 9.99 a month on top of the monthly rate plan. All the minutes will be shared between the lines for the month. For the extra line the person will need to purchase the cell phone at the discounted price, in this case Blackberry Tourch, for 199.99 plus taxes and fees at the moment of activation. Your monthly plan with all the lines and fees will be mailed to you each month for the bill.

Thomas asks…

Iphone 3GS or blackberry torch 9800?


Well for Christmas, My mums buying me a new mobile, and I have a choice between the iphone 3gs or the Blackberry torch 9800. I would have bought the iphone 4, but I got it for Christmas in 2010. and since then it was stolen. I do really really like the blackberry, but the app store on it is terrible!, and I know that the iphone 3gs is more or less the iphone 4, just without facetime ( which I never even once used) and that's the screens better on the iphone 4, I know as well that the new IOS 5 is available on the Iphone 3gs. But on the other hand, the blackberry torch has the qwerty keyboard, and if the price is cheap enough in the UK, i might be able to stretch to the blackberry torch 9810 with it's 1.2 GHz processor and it's OS7. camera isn't an issue to me, I never really use cameras on mobiles, and 4g isn't available in the UK....... So what's you opinion?

admin answers:

Go for the blackberry torch way better!! Best phone ever! And the screen on all i products is crap it will brake first time you drop it its not worth the massive bill for the repair!

Donald asks…

I was wondering, if a bought a Blackberry Torch, do i HAVE to get a data plan with it?

Can you just continue your old plan, (since my old plan does not have data charges), since i can get a 2 year upgrade price for the phone

admin answers:

You do not get the upgrade price without signing a new 2 year contract. AT&T requires a data plan with all smart phones and it's required regardless of where you buy the phone. If you do the upgrade, your new contract will include a data plan. If you choose to buy the phone elsewhere, a data plan will be added to your account as soon as the network detects you're using a smart phone.

David asks…

Do you think AT&T will let me upgrade my phone 2 months early?

I got my iphone stolen from my bag @ Universal Studios last summer, and ever since i've been using the LG shine that my mom had...over 3 years ago. So it's been 'malfunctioning' a lot (black screen, shuts off itself, discolored lines pop up on the screen, no signal 75% of the time) and was thinking maybe i could upgrade now even though my 2 year contract ends on October 26. Do you think i could get a new phone, thinking about a Blackberry Torch, for the upgrade price?

admin answers:

I think they have a fee that it costs.. Probably a little more than what your bills would be if you continued using your current phone for two more months, for example. Lets say you pay $30/moth.. You'd probably have to pay 70-$80 for your contract to be up

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