Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Wont Turn On No Red Light

Lisa asks…

Blackberry curve 8320 wont turn on with sim card?

I've had a blackberry curve for about a year now and ive had no problems whatsoever. Recently, i took my sim card out for 15 minutes to get pictures off of another phone and when i put it back into my blackberry, it wont turn on. The red LED light turns on and the loading screen goes on for only about 5 seconds and shuts off. But when i take out the sim card and put in the battery, it turns on without any problems and all my info is in the phone.

admin answers:

Make sure the sim card is in the right position.If still having issues you can take it to your local service provider store.have someome look at it.

Donna asks…

Blackberry 9000 wont turn on?

Okay so last week my blackberry got very hot and I think it damaged the battery because my battery wouldnt charge up till 100 percent. Also when I tried to charge it, it would reboot atoumatically. So I got a new battery and the man said to charge for 10 hours which I did but the battery life only went half way, so I left it over night since I thought it might take time. When I checked it in the morning there was a red light on and it wouldnt turn on. I was checking the internet and it told me to leave it on charge for longer and when I did the red light just went. Now it wont turn on and there is no read light. My phone is solid cold and I have no idea on how to fix it.

Any ideas?

(Ps When I plug it in to the computer, it doesnt detect the device)

Please & Thanks :)
Ive left it on charge for more then 24 hours this problem started on friday :/

admin answers:

Leave it in the charger.. This happened to me & mysterically 2 days later it turned on

James asks…

my blackberry curve wont turn on or charge?

my blackberry was working up until today and then the screen just keeped freezing on me so i took the battery out and it did the same thing and now it wont turn on or charge and theres no red light either it really frustrating because i feel really lost without my phone could you please help

admin answers:

Only thing i can suggest is to remove battery and sim card and leave it for hour or so, then replace and see if it re-boots, if and when it does it would be wise to download an anti-virus for it.

Betty asks…

blackberry torch wont turn on (led light flash 2 times) HELP!!!!?

it wont charge, turn on, and i took out the battery for a few mins and put it back in and got nothing what do i do, help !!
when its connected to the charger it blinks red 2 times and after a few seconds it blinks 2 more times

what do i do i have no warrente cuz i brought it off craigslist about a year ago it never had problems !!!need help !!!
how do you reboot it
iit wont reoot

admin answers:

Take the battery out and rebot it---Blackberrys get jammed once in awhile

Casey Mahoney brad P

Mark asks…

I have forgotten my blackberry password would of done something but it wont turn on ?

my blackberry just went off out of the blue red light comes on but after a while it goes off and a no battery symbol comes on i plugged the phone into my laptop with a USB and tryed updating or rebooting it to see if anything happens but i forgot my device password what do i do rlly frustrated ?

admin answers:

Unless you have a phenomenal memory,and most of us do not,there is only one answer to your problem and that is write it down and keep it some place you will always know where it is ,but that
don't help you now does it,in fact there is not a lot of help any one can give you passwords are just
not any good to the normal person,you need to have a trained mind,so you are able to work with
association phrase's or words that will always bring you to your password,so you just need to think about it,from the beginning,when you first put the thing on your phone...that's it,see why they are
more trouble than they are worth,and you could be running out of shots,then you get a shut down...
Life sucks don't it?.....

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  1. I ran my battery down, I was on a road trip. I was in the middle of a bbm conversation and then it told me that i didnt have enought batter to use radio, then my blackberry curve 3g 9330 shut down for good. I tried charging it via usb, then via car charger. I brought it to a wireless wave store, where they tried a battery and a different charger, but nothing. I did the pull the battery out and plug in but nothing happend. Any help you can give wuold be great.

  2. hi I had my blackberry curve 9350 for 3 months all of a sudden it stop works the screen not coming on the led not coming it stop take charge . can u help me please

  3. My blackberry curve 8530 went to a white screen after locking it a few times it came out of that. a few hours later i was charging it because it became low and it had been charging fine and i was texting, i left it alone for a while 15 minutes i came back and the screen was completly black and now red light. and now almost two hours later it still won't turn on. if i plug it in the red light doesn't even come on or anything, i have tried many different types of charging options and nothing will work. i have taken the battery and everything out nothing will work

    Help please?

    Thanks, Jayde.