Thursday, January 19, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Wipe

David asks…

How do you make your blackberry not wipe all your data after the 10th password attempt?

I have the Blackberry curve 8900 and my friend told me that if i type the password in wrong 10 times all the data will be wiped. Is there a way to turn that off and just keep entering the password?

admin answers:

No. 10 times is the maximum value.

Sandy asks…

Does the Blackberry wipe handheld delete phone pictures?

I sent my phone off to a friend and I did a "Wipe handheld" on the phone but I never checked to see if the pictures were cleared....Does anyone know if it clears the media too? And I'm not talking about on a media card. Just on the phone alone.

admin answers:

When you wipe the device it gives you the option to wipe the media card.

If you selected to wipe the media card your media is gone if you didn't it isn't gone.

Lisa asks…

How to wipe a Blackberry when scrollwheel is broken?


The scrollwheel of my Blackberry 8310 is broken.
I am therefor unable to wipe it... I'm going to throw the device away but before I do that I want to permanently remove ALL the data on the device.

Any thoughts, the device does turn on but the scrollwheel is not functioning what so ever...


admin answers:

How old is your Curve? I had that same problem with my Curve and was able to call Tech Support (800) 922-0204 and have them replace it.

Steven asks…

Why does my blackberry Pearl wipe its own memory clean?

I own a blackberry perl 8130 and twice now it has just shut itself off and wont turn back on. Both times Telus has told me that my phone has wiped its memory clean, why? Has anyone else had this problem?

admin answers:

Blackberry should not wipe out the entire memory by itself although it is designed to wipe the user's information if you enter the device password incorrectly 10 times as a security feature. Draining the battery or taking the battery out will not wipe out your information. You should reload the operating system software on the phone and see if that fixes your problem. You will find the latest blackberry software for telus on this site:
Check this site for instructions on how to install it onto the blackberry:
Yes it is true blackberry devices do start deleting messages and call logs when they run out of space on the internal device memory but done wipe the whole thing clean. If that is the problem you see happening then try deleting pictures and other large files from the blackberry's internal memory. You can save those pictures to your computer or transfer them to a media card.

Good Luck!

Linda asks…

How do you wipe your Blackberry information?

How can you wipe your Blackberry's information, like to get it to a out-of-the-box state
A lot of people have suggested the Security Wipe but I want to literally delete everything.
Any help is appreciated :~)

admin answers:

Well, you need to do the security wipe first.

Then, you can reinstall the operating system without BACKING UP anything from your phone first.

You will need the desktop manager & the OS from

It will take about an hour and delete any programs that didn't come with the phone.

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