Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Tour

Jenny asks…

Blackberry tour...............................?

I ordered my blackberry tour Saturday. When will it come?

admin answers:

Today (tuesday) most likely

Ruth asks…

blackberry tour.......?

How do you get a ringback tone for a blackberry tour for alltel?

admin answers:

Call your carrier

Charles asks…

Blackberry Tour ......?

Ok i was reading online with sprint that the blackberry does not have apps and social networking and i wanna know if the blackberry tour a smart phone and can i get blackberry app world on the black berry tour with sprint PLEASE HELP !!!

admin answers:

Who told you that?!

Right now i have facebook and twitter and also pandora. The games arent as good but its a PHONE not a mobile gaming devices.

What regular people hate is that blackberry apps world only has apps that people use like facebook and twitter. They only have one version of each app unlike say the app market on apple that has 7 different facebook apps tens of different twitter apps and a million and a half repeat games.

The blackberry are beautiful devices and I'd advise you to get the new Bold or curve. They have touch screens and beautiful desplay and the most up to date blackberry OS

Robert asks…

What's the difference between the blackberry tour and the blackberry 8900?

I currently have the blackberry curve 8900 and they now have the blackberry tour out and I can't seem to find any differences except for the size of the phone and that the buttons are raised on the tour.

Does anyone know any real differences between the two? Is one better for surfing online?

admin answers:

There really is no difference at all just the physical features. So if you were planning to get the tour it wont be worth it cause they are the same

Donald asks…

How can i get my blackberry tour unlocked so can use it for a different network?

Im trying to unlock the blackberry tour from verizon so i can use it with my att sim card... Any ideas where i can find somewhere free online to do so?

admin answers:

Verizon Customer Service will unlock it.

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