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Questions About Blackberry Os Download Tmobile

Nancy asks…

Where can I find online OS for my Blackberry 8310? (tmobile)?

Hello I have entered my password wrong several time on my Blackberry and my BB wiped itself out. I am getting an error message of JVM513. I mis-placed my OS cd as well UGH!.

Can someone refer. me to a website so that I can download the OS to get my phone going. I cannot even make calls

admin answers:

George asks…

Can I downgrade my OS on my Sprint Blackberry curve? The music player is not as loud as my tmobile blackberry.

I recently replaced my T-Mobile blackberry with a Sprint blackberry. However the music player volume is much lower on the Sprint Curve, even when my audio boost is on. I think I can downgrade my OS but I will loose the video recording ability. Im OK with that. But will my other sprint features work if I downgrade my OS? (Sprint TV, Sprint Radio) where can I download the same OS T-Mobile uses for my Sprint curve.


admin answers:

The BlackBerry Curve on Sprint (8330) is not the same model as the one on T-Mobile (8320). Therefore the same OS that works on the T-Mobile Curve cannot be installed on the Sprint Curve.

I have noticed the sound issue with the CDMA devices as opposed to GSM devices. My wife's Pearl 8130 on Sprint (as well as my brother's Pearl on Verizon and his wife's Curve on Verizon) doesn't seem to have as loud a speaker. I do also recall that the 8830 suffered from the problem on Verizon. I *think* an OS update resolved that issue, but I am not 100% sure.

You might need to wait for an OS update for the Curve 8330 model before that issue will be resolved.

Mandy asks…

Where Can I get the Newest 4.5 OS for the TMobile BB Curve ?

II have an 8320 BlackBerry Curve from T-Mobile and a few people I know have Video Cameras on their Curve because they acquired the 4.5 OS.

Where can I download this new Software?

admin answers:

I have a Blackberry Curve with T-Mobile also and I have the new os 4.5. Go to and search the forums. It will have everything you need. It won't be a T-Mobile release it will be with Orange but it will work fine. Better even. It has full instruction including how to delete the vendor xml files so its works. The video camera is a nice feature and the phone seems to run alot smoother.

Ken asks…

I have a blackberry curve 8310 from AT&T unlocked for Tmobile?

I was told that I was able to stream youtube videos from the internet, I downloaded the new OS 4.5 and now when I click on watch video it goes to the media player but it just sits there, not doin a thing so I have no idea whats going on. Any help? Suggestions?

admin answers:

By updating it, you probably locked it again. You might have to unlock the phone. You can call tmobile even though it is not tmobile phone, they will help you. Let them know it is unlocked phone. They have special team for unlocked phones.

Thomas asks…

Blackberry 8100 Tmobile?

Error 507 on Blackberry Pearl
Have followed steps below:

1) Download the latest version of the handheld os from your carrier's web site
2) Execute the downloaded file
3) Locate and delete VENDOR.XML from your PC's C: drive
4) Connect the BB and start Desktop Manager

Asks for a PW to be entered on the DEVICE but cannot enter PW? any suggestions?
Oh really You thin kI should enter a PW? NEVER THOUGHT OF THAT. ANYWAYS............. So the phone was bought from someone else and the PW is unknown.

admin answers:

Enter a pw

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