Sunday, January 1, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Themes 9700

Sandra asks…

How to install themes on my Blackberry 9700 Bold?Help Please?

I have downloaded themes for my Blackberry 9700 Bold and i don't know how to install theme. Help Please.

admin answers:

Look here

Mark asks…

Does the BlackBerry Bold 9700 have themes?

I've been searching for BlackBerry Bold 9700 themes, but I didn't find any. Are there any themes for it?

admin answers:

There are no themes for your cp

Ruth asks…

does anyone know where i can get free 9700 blackberry bold themes?

i want legit themes and alot of them please and thank you im looking for any website that actually works.

admin answers:

Check out this site

Thomas asks…

where can i download themes and wallpaper for free using using blackberry 9700 qr code?

i have a blackberry 9700 n know how to use to qr code but where can i find sites that you can download for free using the qr code scanner?

admin answers:

Go to the Ventones site

Sandy asks…

does blackberry 9700 have themes?or can your pic. be the background of it?

admin answers:

You can set any picture you have on your media card to be the wallpaper

Open Media - Pictures

Scroll to the picture you want to use

Press the Menu key and select Set As Wallpaper

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