Sunday, January 8, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Os Download 6

Donald asks…

BLACKBERRY CURVE 8520: Need help updating from V5.0 to 6 OS?

My friend who has the same blackberry as me updated her blackberry to version 6 OS. When I plug mine into my new laptop and go to the Blackberry Desktop Software, it says I have the newest version (V5.0), and when I plug it into my old laptop, it said there was an update so I downloaded it then when it was finished it closed and nothing happened. I will download it on either laptop, whichever one anyone knows how to download version 6 OS on. Any help PLEASE? Thanks, Shelby.

admin answers:

OS 6.0 will not run on the 8520 because it only has 128 MB of device memory.

You friend must by running a hybrid (OS v5.0 with some OS v6.0 features integrated)

Nancy asks…

Blackberry 6 os software?

I have the Blackberry Tour 9630 (i think) and I just got it this summer. Does anyone know when the new software will come out for the tour or does anyone know how to download this software for the tour?


admin answers:

The Tour will never get OS 6.0.

David asks…

Can I install the leaked BlackBerry OS6 on my Verizon 9330 safely and will my phone still work on the network?

I managed to download the leaked version of BlackBerry OS 6 for my Curve 9330 and I want to install it but I'm afraid my device wont work on Verizon's network if I do.

admin answers:

OS v6.0 has been officially released for the 9330 for Sprint customers.

I would wait for the official version from Verizon because it can't be too far off.

Carol asks…

Blackberry Desktop Software HELP!!?

I wanted to upgrade the software on my Blackberry to the OS 6 and I download that, then I had to download the Blackberry Desktop Software 6 software and I download it but no shortcut pops up on my desktop page nor does it show in my programs the only thing in shows in is my programs when I got and uninstall it. Help me please!

admin answers:

Usually what I do when I misplace software on my laptop is go to Start Menu>Search and type in part of the name (i.e. Blackberry). This will show you all the software on your PC with the word "Blackberry" in it. Once you locate it, click & drag it to your desktop to create a shortcut.

If this doesn't work, feel free to contact me via my profile and I will see if I can assist further.

Chris asks…

can i install os version 4.6 on blackberry curve 8530?

if so please post a link to the download and maybe instructions thanks!
oh ya and i currently dont have an os on it, i deleted it

admin answers:

No. The 8530 will only work with 5.0

Get the latest OS for your Curve from here: (use Internet Explorer)

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