Thursday, January 26, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Tablet Apps

Sandra asks…

Does the BlackBerry PlayBook Run Android Apps?

Does the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet run Android apps? And if so, how well?

admin answers:

According to RIM Playbooks are supposed to be running Android Apps before end of Oct (pushed out from the Summer).

I ran the beta (early-stage) version of Android on Playbook and found that it ran well with the apps i tried. I'm looking forward to seeing what the final version looks like. Hopefully RIM doesn't take too much longer since the delay is hurting RIM and Playbook's reputation.

Paul asks…

When will Android apps be released on the Blackberry PlayBook?

I was wondering a couple of different things. Is there an approximate date for Android apps to be released on the Blackberry PlayBook? I already own a PlayBook tablet, so I was also wondering, will the Android apps be released as an update on any PlayBook, or would I have to buy a new PlayBook to get the Android apps?

admin answers:

Hi.I wouldn't think ever that Blackberry Playbook would ever support android apps.

Robert asks…

Can I buy blacberry apps for a blacberry tablet with gift cards?

I just bought my little sister (11) a 16gb Blackberry tablet. We own HTC, android powered phones. So I was wondering if there's anyway she can buy apps without using a credit card, because she doesn't have one, and because we don't have a blackberry phone account to pay through our bills. I was hoping there's like a gift thing you can buy like you can for the itunes for iPads? And if so, where do you get them?

admin answers:


Sandy asks…

Sony tablet S vs Blackberry Playbook?

I'm looking to buy a tablet, both seem amazing. What I'm looking for is apps, games, and any other interesting things. The main differences I see are the screen sizes and the fact that the Sony S is Playstation certified therefore having Playstation games, what do you guys think?

admin answers:

Don't believe the hype they are grossly underpowered and if you watch any type of video you will quickly go over over your allowance and end up paying hundreds of dollars a month

Donna asks…

Looking in getting a tablet. Which one is better Blackberry Playbook or Kindle Fire?

I'm looking into getting a tablet. My price rage is no more than $200 and it must be a Capacitive touch screen. I recently was looking at the Blackberry Playbook and the Kindle Fire. Although I have noticed some Pros and Cons right away between the two. For instance, I like how the Playbook has dual cameras and at least 16GB of memory with it, however, I don't believe it runs Android Marketplace which would offer a large selection of apps nor does it have a community anymore with the tablet, although I could be wrong and if I am please let me know.

The Kindle Fire is brand new and has already built a nice stable community with it. However, it only comes with I believe 8GB of storage and no built in cameras. I'm not a prime customer so that would not have any affect on me if I choose to go with the Kindle Fire. Again, I don't believe this has the Android Marketplace and I'm not sure if Amazon's marketplace comes with a large selection of free apps.

Could you recommend which of the two is the better choice or if you know of another tablet on the market that is doing well for that price range, please let me know.

admin answers:

I would totally go for the fire personally. Amazon has really put all the media you could want in a perfect package.. From ebooks/movies/music and anrdroid apps.
The blackberry is limited to blackberry apps and you don't have the amazing media collection.

You can get a good deal on the fire here:

I really think amazon is about to be the hottest tech company out there with the fire, it's it is better for you to go with the winner.
I actually like blackberry devices, but the fire is a no brainer in the tablet department.

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