Thursday, January 12, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Torch Verizon

Helen asks…

can the blackberry torch work on verizon?

i am currently on verizon blackberry user. was going to switch to at&t to get the iphone, but then i saw the torch and love alot of the blackberry features. dont want to switch if the torch is coming to verizon, but if it doesnt how can i use it with verizon

admin answers:

You cannot use a GSM device on a CDMA network so no you cannot use the 9800 with Verizon.

The 9930 (the CDMA version of the 9800) should eventually be available for Verizon customers but Sprint will get it first.

Donna asks…

can you use a blackberry torch on verizon network?

my contract is up on my 2 year verion phone and i want a blackberry and the torch looks like the best one to get but i have Verizon not AT&T so can i buy the torch online and program it to Verizons Network like a normal verizon phone in there stores?

admin answers:

No. AT&T phones run on a GSM network, and Verizon phones run on a CDMA network. I looked into doing that myself. Hope this helps!

Sandra asks…

Can an unlocked Blackberry Torch work on verizon?

I'm a verizon customer and i can get an upgrade now and im looking at the blackberry torch but of course like all great things in life its not as easy as it could be to get it. is there a way to purchase it unlocked and use it on verizon? i know the whole sim card thing comes into play but idk how it works.

admin answers:

Here's all you really need to know - Verizon will not activate any phone that doesn't carry the Verizon brand.

John asks…

can i use an unlocked blackberry torch with verizon?

verizon does not have the blackberry torch but if i buy an unlocked one will it work

admin answers:

Verizon is a CDMA provider and the Torch is a GSM device.

A GSM device will not work on Verizon's CDMA network.

Laura asks…

Will Verizon Wireless get the New Blackberry Torch by Holiday 2011?

I'm switching to Verizon when my contract ends in December, and I want the Torch. So, will it be on Verizon by then? Or a different Blackberry like the Torch?

admin answers:

It will likely come in the first half of 2011

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